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Who We Are

Matthew Edwards    @OhGod_WhatThe on Twitter

Editing and writing.

Matt is a graduate of literature from Swansea University (predictably in Swansea, Wales, UK), and secretly wishes he could’ve spent his time writing about video games instead. He wrote for the university’s student newspaper, The Waterfront, as an award-winning editor for the Gaming section. He likes odd games. If you play or have even heard of The Dishwasher: Vampire Smile or Enslaved: Odyssey to the West, he’d love to go out for a drink with you. His favourite games include Shadow Of The Colossus, Prince of Persia and the Gears of War series.

Luna Ottosen   @lunaottosen on Twitter

Editing, writing and videos.

Luna comes from Copenhagen, Denmark where she is studying a 2-year Master in literature, social media, webdesign and journalism. On the side, she works part time as a proof reader on a big newspaper and here on the blog, which she loves. Her main interests include gaming, reading, writing, singing, dancing, animals, nature, tabletopping, Harry Potter, Star Wars, alcohol (for the taste, not the trauma) and sci-fi books. Luna’s favourite games include Minecraft, The Longest Journey, Dreamfall, The Sims, Dragon Age 2, Civilization V, WoW and SWTOR.

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Ben Rogers    @BenTheIronMan on Twitter

Writing and videos.

Ben comes from Usk, Wales, and he is a little bit strange, a little bit manic, a little bit over-enthusiastic and just a little bit over the top … sometimes. Known for his love of half-gloves, sunglasses and Star Wars, he has been one of the core writing team since May 2012. Having acquired a job he now suffers from manic episodes where he types many words for the blog after rushing home from work. He dreams of being a writer and is mentally planning how WH9M is going to become a multi-media behemoth. Favourite games: Uncharted 2, TimeSplitters 2 and Mass Effect.

Andreas Liljedahl    @DrNeglecto on Twitter

Writing, videos (shooting and editing), YouTube responsible.

Andreas (or ‘Andy’) is a 25-year-old Swede currently editing a video. Probably. He spends his spare moments playing video games with the somewhat unattainable dream of playing every game ever created. The apparent impossibility of this task doesn’t stop him from trying and his current games library stands at an impressive 150+ titles on Steam alone. When he’s not playing through a mountain of new-releases, Andy spends his time working on one of his many unfinished novels. Half-Life 2, C&C Generals and EVE Online are his favourite games.

Sam Roberts

Editing, writing, videos and logo designs.

Sam is an English w/Creative Writing grad who spends a lot of time just writing nonsense. Against the grain of his home-county of farmerly Somerset, Sam is an avid player of games. He’s reticent to call himself a ‘true gamer’ as he tends to play few games, but for long periods, preferring to get deeply into a few than skim the surface of many. When he’s not ‘jacked in’, Sam spends his time woodcarving or planning his future as a woodland sprite. His favourite games are F-Zero GX, Minecraft and Skyrim.