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Let’s Dungeon! A WoW Adventure Part 2

March 16, 2013


Luna’s WoW Adventure continues.


Ben’s Trailer Round-UP

March 14, 2013


After an extended rest period where I did nothing at all I’m back for your reading pleasure, and what better way to celebrate my return then with the classic trailer Round-UP.

Behold the tasty video goodness for yourself!

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Let’s PvP! A WoW Adventure Part 1

March 12, 2013


Today our YouTube channel has received a complete makeover, and in order to celebrate we are launching the first part of Luna’s new Let’s Play World of Warcraft series on PvP and dungeons!

App Of The Week: Candy Crush Saga

March 11, 2013

AotW Header

Welcome to App Of The Week, featured every second Monday here on WeHave9Minutes! I’m going to take you through both the latest in smartphone/tablet gaming and some golden oldies that you might have missed and should get a chance to discover. Every app will be thoroughly scrutinized and then marked on the App Scale that goes Amazing – Approved – Acceptable – Awful. When marking the apps, I’m looking at gameplay, sounds and graphics, but most importantly whether the app is still interesting after a few days. I’m personally playing on an iPhone 4S and iPad 1, and thus all apps featured here will be available at least for iOS products.

App Of The Week

Candy Crush Saga

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PlayStation 4: A Fan’s Opinion

March 8, 2013


If you want to check out the specifications and some of the upcoming titles we can expect for the first assault Sony makes on the rapidly expanding eighth generation console race, check out those links. The following then, are my opinions on some of the other features of the PlayStation 4!

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Review: The Aylesford Skull

March 7, 2013

James P. Blaylock is a new author to me, so I entered this book not quite sure what to expect. I had already committed a heinous sin against myself, which was never to start a series – books, movies, games, anything – in the middle. I had hoped that The Aylesford Skull would be worth it.

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Review: The Walking Dead (Spoiler Free!)

March 6, 2013


This is the game Dead Island should have been, and I’m not even sure I should be calling The Walking Dead a video game.

Telltale’s latest effort is exemplary of how point-and-click games still have their place in the industry. No longer do gamers have to hark back to ye olde times of Monkey Island’s release. Its stack of over 75 GOTY awards is a testimony to this.

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