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A Quick Update on Events

January 5, 2014

Hello Loyal Readers 

We are back…well when I say ‘We’, It’s just me (Ben). Now don’t go crying, I can in fact report that all my fellow WH9M people are alive and well. They are all very busy though with other projects, work and education but I missed this site and I missed you lovely people so I think I’m going to try to carry on where I left off.

Now this is not a promise that content will be frequent. I still have my full-time job and it does eat away at my energy but as the dawn of 2014 goes so does my passion for gaming (having recently purchased a shiny PS4). So I will hopefully be writing small editorials, brief reviews and general ramblings from my head-space. All I ask is that if you really love our stuff, just be patient. It’s a one man army at the moment, which means I have to edit my own articles…yeah it could take a while

As an extra bonus to all the lovely words I hope to create I will be uploading PS4 captured footage on to our WH9M Youtube Page. You can find it here. Although the first few won’t have my beautiful voice screeching over them I plan to do that in the future. They will not be the longest videos as I don’t have the time or resources to capture large chunks of gameplay. I will try my hardest to make it entertaining. A personal mission statement for 2014. (Don’t hold it to me though)

Anyway hope you had a great holiday season and I welcome you to the majestic year of 2014!

See you soon!

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