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Star Wars Clone Wars : Season Five – Three of My Favourite Moments

May 21, 2013

So the fifth season of Star Wars The Clone Wars comes to a close so now is a good time to go back and look at three of my favourite moments from the Clone Wars. Note that I was going to do a review of each arc as they came out, but because of a lack of time I wasn’t able to cover all the arcs as fully as I would want to. I only choose three moments because I had to narrow it down a bit otherwise this article would be huge. If you want to look at some of the other Clone Wars material I covered the links are here…and here. Oh and here. ENJOY

Darth Maul’s RevengeEpisode 16:  The Lawless

This is a moment I should have seen coming, but really I didn’t believe the writers would have the balls to establish a love interest then have Darth Maul kill her right in front of Obi Wan. Star Wars can be dark but I never assumed the Clone Wars would push it to that extent, especially considering it’s kid friendly roots. I have to admit this is one of the most heart-felt and emotional exchanges between Obi Wan and Maul, and Obi Wan and Santine.

The little back and forth between Obi Wan and Maul about the nature of the force and which is stronger, the light or the dark, is fascinating and written so perfectly that really either side is wrong. It’s all about your point of view of the force and what you define as strength.

My heart did really crumble as Obi Wan’s heart was broken, but you know he is at peace. He is a Jedi and can let go of the things he holds precious to him which only solidifies Obi Wan’s resolve and commitment to the Jedi order.

This was a fantastic moment that was handled supremely well. It may seem a little hammy re-watching, but at the time this was easily my stand out moment of Season Five of the Clone Wars.

Master and Pupil ReuniteEpisode 16:  The Lawless

Come on this one was obvious! A three-way duel between Savage Oppress, Darth Maul and Darth Sidious. It was interesting to see that Maul’s motivation still lay with proving himself to his old master, which was kinda surprising really.

It was also interesting to see how Darth Sidious managed to reduce Maul into a quivering pathetic shadow of the Sith Warrior. Most interestingly of all what lies for Maul now as Sidious is obviously keeping him alive but for what nefarious means, I guess we will have to wait and see

‘I’m Not Coming Back’Episode 20:  The Wrong Jedi

So this is Ahsoka’s farewell and to be honest this is a lot better than if she had perished on a battlefield or had turned to the dark side. It seemed more legitimate that she grew tired with the Order and just left, and that’s not sarcasm or anything. We forget the Jedi are people and some Jedi just do pack things in sometimes for reasons only they can fathom. It felt like a genuine choice of Ahsoka’s and not one picked out of necessity by the writers. Anakin’s reaction feels honest and you can see the trouble he has digesting the news, Obi Wan’s half step towards his former pupil also says a lot about their relationship now. Obi Wan knows Anakin may not accept this and react badly. He wants to protect his friend. Ultimately this was a satisfying curtain call for Ahsoka and her saga. She lives and goes on, out into the wider galaxy and who knows where she will turn up next

Closing on the Clone Wars

So with Disney’s buy-out of LucasFilm, Star Wars Clone Wars‘ future seems a little up in the air. So here are a few words from Series director Dave Filoni and what lies in store for us next from the Clone Wars


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