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Gaming Revelations

April 14, 2013


Games can surprise us occasionally and when they truly surprise us those moments are unforgettable.

There are a few that really spring to my mind.

I apologise that there aren’t more (I was going to include some from Assassin’s Creed and Shadow of The Colossus), but I’ve had a little bit of a writer’s block lately. Hopefully just by getting inspired by these moments I will be back up and running at full capacity. Please enjoy.


  1. Jak II: Renegade – The Kid

Jak and Daxter jump into the future and branch out their adventures from simple platforming to include gun-play,vehicle madness and a splendid and engrossing story. It seemed more like the new setting was an attempt to develop a better and stronger gaming experience, almost starting fresh, and for a while Jak didn’t seem to have much of a connection to the strange future he had found himself in. Until…Metal Kor reveals the Kid to actually be Jak himself, and by defeating Metal Kor the older Jak fulfils his destiny and before he can take it in his younger counterpart is whisked off through the Ring (the same device Jak used to travel to the future) to prepare for the destiny he fulfilled only moments ago.

It’s kind of a bitter-sweet parting as Jak watches his younger self disappear, a knowing feeling washes over Jak as he realises that little kid will grow up to the Hero he himself is today. It was a beautiful little way of explaining why Jak had no relatives back, in the past, growing up in Sandover Village (I’m pretty sure his uncle is not really his uncle). A simple devilish little reveal that forever lodged itself into my mind and it capped off one of my favourite PlayStation 2 games.

‘Where the past and the future collide…’

2. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception – A Name

A name it can define a person, it can be the one thing they cling onto when they lose everything. So when Marlowe reveals that Nathan Drake is a false identity his character is suddenly blown wide open. A look of complete and utter vulnerability covers Nathan’s face and for a single moment you see the armour he has worn all these years crack away.

What drove that young boy to run? Was it losing his mother? Being abandoned by his father? Living in a catholic orphanage? Whatever it was that young boy couldn’t cling to anything so he created a name for himself, a new life, a new goal, a new persona for him to aspire to. What could do that more than claiming yourself a descendent of a legendary adventurer and following in his footsteps.

The reveal is less than a few seconds but it rocks the character to it’s very core and honestly it was the one thing I didn’t see coming. You simply accepted it to be a truth in the first Uncharted game. So when its pull out from under you, you really see ‘Nathan’ as a real character, a flawed human being with a psychology that probably isn’t far from some real world individuals. That is what makes this reveal immense, its relatable to a degree and sheds more light and intrigue onto the character and dare I say it, it actually makes you care.

Who is he really? We may never know

3. Borderlands 2 – A Siren Song

Angel always seems to screw you over in Borderlands, first she leads you to the ancient treasure vault which holds not the bountiful booty you were expecting but a horrible pulsating creature which tries to kill you. So when she repeatedly contacts you in Borderlands 2 you start taking her advice with a pinch of salt, even though she sounds completely sincere when she explains she has no choice.

So when we discover that the Angel is a siren and has basically been ‘jacked’ in to a factory full of pumps and valves just so she can be powered up to just act as a glorified key, you really feel sorry for her. Then you discover that Handsome Jack is her father and has been exploiting her, and using her just as a tool you really feel pissed off.

Once you have put Angel out of her misery and given her the freedom she has always craved, to then hear Jack’s shameless propaganda that you butchered his poor innocent daughter…

Well it makes killing that son of a bitch all the sweeter.

It was a daring and brave reveal, which had a duo reaction. You felt empathy and sorry for a poor girl who only knew pain, and complete and utter contempt for her tormentor who is none other than her own father.

Abused and used by her father, she is the real hero of the game

Image Link: Jak and Daxter – Appreciation Post, ‘A few thoughts on Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception’ – Motar And Pistol, Forums

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