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App Of The Week: Candy Crush Saga

March 11, 2013

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Welcome to App Of The Week, featured every second Monday here on WeHave9Minutes! I’m going to take you through both the latest in smartphone/tablet gaming and some golden oldies that you might have missed and should get a chance to discover. Every app will be thoroughly scrutinized and then marked on the App Scale that goes Amazing – Approved – Acceptable – Awful. When marking the apps, I’m looking at gameplay, sounds and graphics, but most importantly whether the app is still interesting after a few days. I’m personally playing on an iPhone 4S and iPad 1, and thus all apps featured here will be available at least for iOS products.

App Of The Week

Candy Crush Saga


When I picked up the free app from developer Candy Crush Saga, my first thought was that it looked like one of those many many crappy games out there for smartphones. I thought the game looked cheap, the music was awful, and the story was told by weird little dolls on sticks. It felt like a discount version of the puzzle game Bejeweled.

However, I sat down and began to play my way through the first few levels, and here’s when it dawned on me. I simply couldn’t stop playing. Before I knew, I had candy-crushed my way to level 20, and my mood was even quite good because of all the tacky colours and special super-candy pieces.

Candy Crush Saga is actually a very addictive and tremendously fun little puzzle game. You complete levels by matching three or more pieces of same-coloured candy in order to crush them and earn points. Later on the game expands with jelly and ingredients that need to be removed or reach the bottom.

It is actually really challenging. You start the game with five lives, and every time you fail to complete a level, you lose a life and must wait  about 30 minutes or spend money to get it restored. This can be a downer for people who like to play for many hours in a row, but I found that it’s actually a good reminder to not sit with the game for too long every time.

What is annoying though is that I’ve occasionally been stuck on some particularly hard levels. I remember level 30, where it took me two days and a lot of lives to complete and move on. This is where the game gets tricky, seeing as some levels are very hard to complete without buying power-ups or extra moves to help you complete the levels.

I personally don’t mind paying a bit for an app, seeing as the often small developers also need to eat, but the prices in Candy Crush Saga compared to what you actually get, for instance five extra moves, are too high. And being forced to spend money in order to move on is not my cup of tea. I would rather spend money because I think the game is fun and I just want some extra bonuses.



Verdict: Candy Crush Saga is overall a fun and addictive game that I really enjoy playing. I notice myself getting it out several times a day, and it cheers me up for the 15-20 minutes it takes to play up the five lives. It does however progress slowly. I’m now on level 38, and I don’t clear more than a level a day, if even that. Without the expensive paid-for upgrades, the game is very hard to get through.

Therefore, Candy Crush Saga lands an Approved on the App Scale.

Image Links: Candy Crush Saga on the App Store, Candy Crush Saga on Facebook

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