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Ben’s Trailer Round-UP Special: PlayStation 4

February 28, 2013


Sony not only announced the upcoming PlayStation 4, but announced and showed us tantalizing glimpses into some of the launch titles for the behemoth console. Now, perhaps many of these graphics and game mechanics need to be taken with a pinch of salt … but really it’s fine to get carried away in the hype!

Killzone Shadow Fall


Killzone Shadow Fall looks so heart-achingly gorgeous. The small details like smoke, particle effects, motion blur, dynamic lighting and super clear reflections in the monolithic highrises only add to the breath-taking vista that was on display. Killzone was always a beefy contender for slickest looking game on the PS3 but the departure from grey, black and red is sorely welcome. Killzone Shadow Fall, despite the title is anything but a grey looking game, or at least the trailer is.

On a story note, a Helghan attack on innocent civilians. Nothing new right? WRONG, cause this isn’t an invasion, it’s a terrorist attack. Helghan and Vekta citizens living on the same planet, divided by a giant barricade. Obviously a tense situation which will undoubtedly escalate into an all out war for control. But that’s just a guess.

One final note, this guy playing … he can’t shoot for shit.

The Witness


Talking about colour, The Witness seems to remind us that super high-level graphics do not always create an experience and this looks to be what The Witness will give owners of the PlayStation 4, a real experience of exploring and adventuring in this bright, illusive world. I have no idea what it could be about, but I think The Witness is setting itself up to prove simplicity can trump blockbuster action games any day of the week, given the chance.



Killzone was always pegged as Sony’s Halo killer, but it never really reached the same plateau that Halo did. It was amazing but it didn’t enter the common gamers zeitgeist, but PlayStation 4 fans will now be able to experience first-hand Bungie’s new First Person Shooter now they have finally parted with the Halo series. Say what you want about console wars, this wont change the argument or the answer for which is better: Sony’s PlayStation or Microsoft’s Xbox, all I know is that PS4 players will all marvel at what looks to be a stunning visual first person shooter.

Even if we didn’t see much shooting …

Watch Dogs


Don’t get me wrong, Watch Dogs looks outstanding and hopefully this is in-game and exactly how you can play the game, but this is the one trailer where I’m taking it with a mighty pinch of salt … I really hope that feeling is wrong because I want Watch Dogs to be that good. We will just have to wait and see.

Infamous Second Son


One word can sum up my feelings towards this trailer.


Sucker Punch’s inFamous series is one of my favourite of the PS3 era and they have to spoil the reveal of the newest installment by introducing me to some douche-bag beanie-hat wearing Conduit who is already pissing me off.  Sorry, but this trailer is a big fat fail to me. Bring back Cole! Or is this perhaps before or during the events of inFamous 1 and 2? There is intrigue, definitely, but a severe lack of hype after this trailer.



A Final little bit to bow out this PlayStation 4 special of my Trailer Round UP.


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