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PlayStation All-Stars Tips ‘N’ Tricks – Dante

February 26, 2013

Dante is all about being a badass demon killer, with a few simple tips ‘n’ tricks you can help Dante kick butt against the legends of PlayStation in PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale.

Playstyle and general tips

Dante is the product of a hack ‘n’ slash title so, by consequence, Dante is a close range character, unlike the effective range he is given thanks to his guns Ebony and Ivory in the Devil May Cry series. In All-Stars, Dante’s range is heavily understated; best options are to close in and learn how to evade attacks so you can reduce the distance and build some hyper AP with some sick combos.

So here are some combos you may want to invest time in perfecting. Dante’s main appeal is that, unlike most characters in All-Stars, he can cancel from one move into another, creating long chained combos which only masters can perfect, but which look gorgeous once you got them nailed down.

Dante is ferocious on the ground and when you’ve got another character locked in your combo, its deadly precision and brutality is extremely satisfying. The same cannot be said for Dante’s guns Ebony and Ivory however, (TRIANGLE attacks) as they refuse to link helpfully in combos, build AP slowly and have no knock-back effect, unlike Jak and Daxter’s blaster.

In my honest opinion there is only one situation with Dante where you should be using TRIANGLE attacks, but we will get to that later.

Quick Combos (links etc.):

UP SQUARE (hold to launch), then SQUARE or SIDE SQUARE or DOWN SQUARE.

SIDE CIRCLE, which will make Dante dash forward and pass through any attacks and opponents, then UP CIRCLE.

CIRCLE (counter) followed by UP SQUARE or SIDE SQUARE.

DOWN CIRCLE is good range, launches a fiery spinning projectile and can knock-back if hit directly.

An example of Dante’s unique ability to cancel into other attacks can be seen if you chain SQUARE (two strikes), then UP SQUARE to link into a launch and continue the attack in the air.


Level 1 – Dante will swing his sword twice in an upward slash in quick succession and finally launching a yellow golden projectile just in front of himself. This Super is easily telegraphed, very obvious, and, on the ground, quite easy to avoid. In some cases it’s easier to catch enemies as they are falling towards Dante. Because of the slow wind-up and limited range it is hard to grab more than one film really, and it’s very easy to miss. There is also a frame before the animation starts which gives enemies an easy opportunity to interrupt and stop the Super ever starting.

Level 2 – Dante will thrust forward with lightning speed and go from one side of the arena to another. This can be very useful especially in the completely flat arenas like Master Onion’s Dojo and Hades which have long, featureless environments to make this move all the more deadly. However, in Arenas like LittleBigPlanet and Loco Roco the effectiveness of this move is almost completely neglected.

The thrust sweeps quickly across and, if caught at all, your enemy is toast, so it can be very good for getting 1-3 kills consistently. But once again there is a wind-up which can alert enemies to the incoming attack, allowing them to easily jump or evade this Super. Once again, it is much easier to catch enemies as they are falling to the ground.

Level 3 – Dante’s level 3 Super is by far one of the best level 3 Supers in All-Stars. Known as Devil Trigger Unleashed Dante releases his ultimate power. Calling upon his devil bloodline, Dante’s hair is bleached pure white and his trench coat shines a brilliant red as electrical discharge cradles his body and sword.

As you enter devil trigger all moves result in a kill. First of all, all enemies will be slowed down completely, making it easy to at least rack up 3 kills. From then on enemies will re-spawn again normally and die again in one hit once the re-spawn invincibility has finished.

Because of the necessity to catch enemies quickly, suddenly TRIANGLE moves seem great. For one they come out quickly and have enough range so that you can catch each other character again at least once. Get used to using SIDE TRIANGLE to rack up major kills during devil trigger.

So that’s all for now. Maybe I’ll be back soon talking about the new DLC characters Kat from Gravity Rush, and Emmett from StarHawk. So until then keep yourself on top with some of these handy tricks.

Image Links: Animated Cartoons – PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale Attract Trailer, Gamesector, PlayStation All-Stars Wikia

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