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App Of The Week: Sushi Cat

February 25, 2013

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Welcome to App Of The Week, featured every second Monday here on WeHave9Minutes! I’m going to take you through both the latest in smartphone/tablet gaming and some golden oldies that you might have missed and should get a chance to discover. Every app will be thoroughly scrutinized and then marked on the App Scale that goes Amazing – Approved – Acceptable – Awful. When marking the apps, I’m looking at gameplay, sounds and graphics, but most importantly whether the app is still interesting after a few days. I’m personally playing on an iPhone 4S and iPad 1, and thus all apps featured here will be available at least for iOS products.

App Of The Week

Sushi Cat

sushi cat

I love cats. I love sushi. A cat eating sushi? Yes. The combination can only bring me greater joy, and it does in this week’s app Sushi Cat.

Sushi Cat was released by Armor Games in July 2010, and in it we follow the story of a little blue cat who desperately wants to grow bigger so it can do various things such as making sliding doors open by stepping on the outside pressure plate. How we all wanted to do that when we were small …

Anymeow, little blue cat wants to grow, and in the game you help him by completing intricate levels where you need to eat as many sushi pieces as possible. You drop sushi cat down from the top and watch him bounce off walls and objects, eating sushi until he falls into one of several sushi boxes in the bottom earning you points. You need to eat a certain amount of sushi to get a full kitty tummy and move on to the next level.

The story of Sushi Cat is really adorable. Helping him achieve his goals is fun, and eating the sushi is really satisfying. It looks delicious. The drawings and animations are also really good, and the whole thing is topped with a really cute and actually great soundtrack that most of all sounds like oriental reggae.

The game is quite easy and it doesn’t take much more than an hour, if not less, before you have completed all the levels. Luckily you can then play the follow-up expansion called Sushi Cat – The Honeymoon, and finally the actual Sushi Cat 2. However, the latter only seems to be available for play on Armor Games’ website. Quite sad, since Sushi Cat is really fun, and seeing that it has been downloaded more than 400,000 times, there should be a market for a Sushi Cat 2 app as well.

sushi cat 2

Verdict: Sushi Cat is really great. I had so much fun playing it, and eating all the sushi is highly satisfying. Even though you play through the game quickly, you can still return to it once in a while and enjoy it almost as much as the first time you played it. Therefore, I think this app is Amazing. And I hope that Armor Games at some point decide to continue this cute series and add Sushi Cat 2 to the App Store, even though it doesn’t look like it’s going to happen any time soon.

Sushi Cat is a 69p / $0.99 purchase, but can be played for free in a browser here.

Sushi Cat 2 can be found for free here.

Image Links: Armor Games, iTunes, App Store

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