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Star Wars: “Always Two (More), There Are”

February 10, 2013

Yes, Disney announced they are already planning two more spin-off Star Wars movies aside from the new trilogy of Episode VII, VIII, IX (you can’t tell how much joy I have typing those roman numerals), and these two movie spin-offs are set to focus on Han Solo and Boba Fett. Han Solo’s spin-off is pegged to take place between Episode III and Episode IV so yes, we are looking at a Han Solo origin story, maybe his time spent on Corellia, or joining the Imperial Navy, saving Chewbacca and maybe even obtaining the Falcon from Lando in the once-mentioned infamous card-game. I could also almost hear the squeal of million fan-boys as the franchise’s juggernaut idol of awesome, Boba Fett, was announced to star in his own film. Boba Fett is really moving up in the world.

First off, yes, it does seem like a very cynical move from Disney, but think of it as Star Wars being Disney’s new Marvel. I just hope seeing a new Star Wars movie year on year is worth it and won’t wear out my hype gland to the point I just want them to stop.

Secondly, Disney may want to focus on quality first rather than quantity. Episode VII is nowhere close to being seen, so already commissioning more full-length movies on top of the three already commissioned seems a little pre-mature and overconfident (which ain’t very Jedi!).

Thirdly, I’m happy they are willing to focus films on other Star Wars professions like Smuggler and Bounty Hunter rather than just pick more Jedi. Smugglers and Bounty Hunters have instant story appeal and open up our view on the Star Wars universe in a way that the Jedi characters can’t. Showing us the dirty grimy cogs that keep the galaxy limping on. But why Han Solo and Boba Fett? Disney is obviously making safe bets on characters we are already familiar with, but that’s the thing, we know them and they have been done to death in the extended universe. As just one movie per character, OK, I can accept them, but Disney can’t forget Star Wars is the selling point. So be brave with it and explore lesser known characters or produce entirely new characters.

I just don’t want them to balls it up and release “Han Solo and the Crystal Jawa skull” because I’m not sure I can repress another disappointing movie memory.

An original pre-production sketch for a young Han Solo who was planned to appear in Star Wars Episode III: Revenge of the Sith.

Finally, I know my reaction seems solely negative, but I’m just wary. I will of course be the first in line to get my ticket, sporting the silliest, happiest grin on my face. The wariness is a product of my mega-fandom, but if they pull it off, brilliant! Because I get to reap all the rewards.

There has been no official information other than the movies’ announcement. Directors, writers and any hint of release date have not been disclosed, so happy speculating people! Signing off!

Image Links: Hollywood Reporter, Screen Crush – Concept Art for Young Han Solo

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