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Ben’s Trailer Round-UP – 31/01/12

January 31, 2013


And here it is again, another tasty Round-UP for your enjoyment. Nothing more needs to be said, just sit down, grab a drink and enjoy some new eye-treats.



God of War: Ascension Single Player Tease


Although I was first quite hesitant about another God of War sequel, this 30 second long tease reaffirms my deep desire to jump into another blood-splattering adventure with Kratos. The game looks polished, ultra violent and very God of War. Say what you want, but I think Kratos will still be the daddy of third person hack’n’slash games when God Of War: Ascension hits stores in March.

The Elder Scrolls V Skyrim: Dragonborn


Some of you may have seen my little rant against Skyrim, and some of you may have read Sam Robert’s recent news article involving downloadable content releases not only for PC but for PS3 as well. Having watched this awe-inspiring trailer, I really wish I still had my copy of Skyrim.

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale

If you have been hanging around in my opinionated living space, also known as WeHave9Minutes, you will easily have caught on that I love and adore PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale, and with two new challengers blasting their way into the fight in February I am just managing my excitement.

Kat From Gravity Rush


Emmett from StarHawk


Both characters look very entertaining, and the fact they will both be free on release for a two week period makes me a very happy chap. I think skipping down the street thinking about Kat and Emmett is perhaps taking it too far …

… I did unintentionally scare some old people and bother their dog the other day …

The Elder Scrolls Online – Alliance Trailer


This is my Round-UP but I feel lately I should broaden the metaphysical net and catch some trailers from a different stream. In other words, I may put in trailers that probably interest a great number … but not me.

My personal opinion, and remember it’s just an opinion – not a fact – if the game is as slow and tedious as this long winded pompous uninspired trailer then I may die of boredom if I was made to play the full product.

Dust 514: PSN Open Beta Launch Trailer


I’m not one for MMOs, let’s get that straight, but when one is on the PS3 for free, and also a first person shooter and set in a sci-fi universe, I just have to give it a try! Especially when it looks this good. Expect a first impressions of Dust 514 soon!

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