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PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale: Tips ‘n’ Tricks – Nathan Drake

January 21, 2013

Drake is looking at a tough fight ahead. Are you ready?

PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale is all fun and games, unless you really want to poke someone else in the eye! Here I will fill you in on some tips and tricks I’ve picked up while playing as good old Nathan Drake.

Play style and general tips

If you thought Nathan Drake was an out-and-out brawler you would be quite surprised. I found it is better to move around constantly and be opportunistic, interrupting your enemies with his powerful knock-back attacks, pestering your enemies and slowly building your meter.

Using DOWN and SQUARE followed up by another SQUARE will give you a good quick combo and will give you enough of a frame gap to either pick your next action or move away.

Unlike most other character’s Drake’s UP and SQUARE is not a launch attack. Instead, he will throw a grenade. Unfortunately this will not detonate on contact and has a very long fuse, making it almost pointless. I would suggest not using it.

Many of Nathan’s CIRCLE and TRIANGLE moves serve as good interrupts, but many will also leave him static for a moment so you have to be aware of enemies moving or rolling through these attacks.

Nathan’s standard TRIANGLE attack is his trusty AK-47, but you can also input a direction. You can either choose to run back away from your enemy gaining some good space while keeping them pinned with gunfire, or move forward and mashing the SQUARE button to then club your foe with your AK-47 once you are in range.

Nathan’s SIDE and TRIANGLE is the powerful Magnum, which will knock back any enemy 100% of the time. This is very useful for keeping good distance and creating big distances between close range fighters. However, a few of the other fighters are short enough that the magnum shot will go right over their head. Remember this problem when fighting All-Stars like Sly Cooper, Koro and PaRappa the Rapper.

Nathan’s DOWN and TRIANGLE is a huge mini-gun which he will swipe from down past his feet up over his head, useful because it has some knock-back but it is very slow and the wind-up is quite long leaving Nathan completely vulnerable if enemies close before the swiping arc becomes an actual danger.

Finally, Nathan’s standard CIRCLE makes him kick a big oil drum barrel which will lumber its way across the screen hitting any enemy who doesn’t see it coming. It is an extremely effective interrupt move and comes out quickly enough that it can cause problems for fast close range characters like Nariko, Dante and Raiden, you can also use it in the air to catch enemies, coming in for a hit, unaware.

One move I don’t even suggest using is Nathan’s DOWN and CIRCLE. It will place a bit of cover for Nathan and he’ll crouch behind it. I have never found an extremely effective time to use it. True, enemies can’t knock you out the cover but they can still hit you and gain AP. I think Nathan players should be moving around, stumbling a lot, making quick opportunistic hits and retiring to a safer distance, a bit like the lucky go-getter Nathan himself.


Level 1 – Explosive Barrel Lob

Nathan throws a barrel in a wide arc at the press of the R2 button, and pressing R2 again will cause him to shoot the barrel, creating a small explosion, which, when timed right, can catch one, two and even all three other fighters. I have heard this Super being called useless, but that’s far from the truth. It just takes practice.

You have to learn not to panic and jam the R2 button again immediately as the blast has quite a surprising range and you just need to be patient, watch the lob and time it. It can take some practice, but after a while you will know it by heart. Another good tip for Nathan’s Level One Super is to use the oil drum on the ground to bait enemies into jumping over it. If you got the distance right and your timing is perfect you can hit them with the super as the barrel reaches the high of the lob.

Level 2 – Ancient Pillar

Nathan will push over a gigantic three-piece ancient mossy pillar – each piece is independent from each other. This is a very useful Super to use if a number of enemies are fighting in a corner. You can use the pillar as a corner trap and rack up a good number of kills. The pillar can also be dropped down onto enemies from a higher ledge if you use it right on the edge, however, this isn’t the most effective as it gives plenty of time for enemies to move out of the way of the tumbling rock.

Level 3 – El Dorado 

The golden coffin of the mummified corpse known as El Dorado comes up from the ground and turns all the enemies on the stage into zombified Spaniards. As Nathan you must use any attack button to fire your handgun at them killing them in one go. Although very cool it seems kind of unnecessary to build AP to Level 3 for this, you can guarantee between 3 – 5 kills depending on the stage, but your enemies can still move, avoid you and even attack you. You need a clean line of sight to shoot them as well, which could be particularly difficult in some stages such as Invasion.

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