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Review: Mass Effect 3 DLC

January 15, 2013


Mass Effect 3. A lot of loyal fans have probably bailed on the series as a whole. Some mistakes just can’t be forgiven, and it’s understandable why some fans may be ignoring the DLC installments of the game. I, however, couldn’t wait to jump in and give Leviathan and Omega a go, and with some new-found disposable income, I quickly bought them up. Here are a few of my thoughts on these latest pieces of extra content.


Commander Shepard is called to the Citadel by one Dr. Garret Bryson who hints that he is close to discovering the mysterious Leviathan: a creature so immensely powerful that it can destroy a Reaper. Of course, Commander Shepard is keen to get hot on the heels of this being. However, while speaking to Dr. Garret Bryson, his assistant comes into the room and shoots him dead. Clearly under the influence of Leviathan, the assistant is dragged off by C-Sec, leaving Shepard and EDI to pick up the trail of Leviathan.

Leviathan is full of intrigue, searching for Dr. Alex Garneau and saving Dr. Ann Bryson, all the while finding clues, using information and data to narrow down the search on the galaxy map. Shepard is fed little snippets of information and rumours about Leviathan, which creates a lot of suspense. it makes you push forward to the moment when you finally confront Leviathan.

The ending to this epic game of cat and mouse is fantastic and really lends weight to the story of Mass Effect 3. It brings a new light and perspective to the origins of the Reapers. This doesn’t change the endings much, but seems to explain the origin of the Reapers’ action to destroy all space-faring life to prevent them destroying themselves.

Unlike much of the DLC of Mass Effect 2, Overlord and Shadow Broker, all the companions actually have a presence, rather than remaining silent and in the background during the cutscenes. They actually contribute and add their voice to the proceedings.

It was so good that I’m really excited to play through it again. I suggest getting this DLC if you are interested in the lore of Mass Effect and want to learn more about the elusive Reapers.



Aria T’Loak is ready to take back her station and it’s up to Commander Shepard to help her accomplish this, with the promise of massive Eezo stores, weapons and troops for the coming war with the Reapers.

For this, Commander Shepard is joined by Aria and the first female Turian seen in the Mass Effect series called Nyreen. Nyreen is a powerful and very talented biotic who leads the Talon Street Gang that has been resisting the Cerberus occupation, led by General Oleg Petrovsky. The general is interesting, though not nearly engrossing compared to the Illusive Man. The fact that Oleg Petrovsky just gives up at the end because it’s too much bother to fight back kind of robs him of all legitimacy. He doesn’t seem dedicated enough to die for his cause. It annoys me when bad guys don’t follow through.

There is an interesting love story with Aria and Nyreen, and as it finally plays out, it is very awesome, with Aria totally flipping out and blasting Cerberus troops everywhere while charging into the bastardised Afterlife Club, headquarters of Oleg’s occupation.

There are some interesting new enemy types such as the Rampart Mech. These are heavily armoured, fast and also become active mines once they are destroyed. You can also come across the incredibly tough Adjutant, a Cerberus-made hybrid of human, biotic and Reaper husks.

The problem is, compared with Leviathan, Omega doesn’t add anything meaningful to the lore of Mass Effect. It was fun, dark and action-packed, but it was rather straight-forward. Yet another war within a war. I would have preferred something more understated action-wise, but with the same moments of revelation that Leviathan gave me.

There were some graphical problems too. During her big speech to Omega, Aria’s model popped around and didn’t move between positions, and an on occasion dull white noise would completely ruin cut-scenes.

Omega has not left me wanting more, which is unfortunate.


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