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Worms: So Damn Entertaining

January 14, 2013

Worms. Unless you actually know what Worms is, it can be tough explaining it to other people. I imagine describing Worms to someone who had never heard of it before would make it sound fairly unappealing.

“You control these four little cartoon worms and you have to blast other worms to bits with explosive sheep, Holy Hand Grenades, bazookas and other stuff.”

People who have no concept of what Worms is about would probably think you are having an acid flashback.

Worms, in its simplest form, is an artillery strategy game, developed by the British developer Team 17. While it has experimented with newer 3D stylization, the well-known and well-loved 2D formula remains a favourite for the most part.

Worms was perhaps one of the few franchises I was aware of before I even got it. My one particular memory was watching one of my friends at a very young age playing a pencil and paper version of Worms. Now, understand that there never was a pencil and paper version before the game, and there wasn’t one afterwards. This kid just loved Worms so much that, in the moments he wasn’t at home playing it, he dared to dream he could still play it out in the school yard with a piece of paper, a dull pencil and a worn out rubber. That’s dedication!

The madness never gets old.

Worms has been with me in my life for a long time in some form or another. It’s been there ever since I got my copy of Worms Armageddon for the PlayStation, right up until my third year in university playing the sequel, Worms 2: Armageddon in my joggers with a few beers and plenty of friends to enjoy the game with.

Worms has become like a comfortable piece of clothing. A product you can slip in and out of without consciously thinking about it, but when you do put it back on you realize how much you missed the familiarity.


I’m pleased to say I can still recite the lyrics that start at 02:00.

But Worms isn’t reserved for just those who were there for the start of the party. By its nature, Worms is very accessible: a pick-up-and-play multi player or single player experience. It is characterized by its laughably dark sense of humour, its addictive replayability and the circus of zany weapons you can experiment with, and eventually master.

Worms is best played with a few friends, passing around the controller, forming unholy alliances with each other, jeering, teasing and yelling about mis-shots, fatal blunders and lucky escapes. I promise you that sitting around with a few friends and playing Worms is by far one of the best gaming experiences you can have. It’s a throw-back to the old pick-up-and-play; going over to a mate’s house for a few cheeky hours of gaming – a time that has been forgotten thanks to the massive online multi player games of today.

So go get a copy of Worms, pester a few of your friends to sit around the TV and have a cold beer. It may take some convincing, but in the end you’ll have trouble getting rid of them.

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