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Ben’s Trailer Round-UP – 27/12/12

December 27, 2012

pixelbenWell I hope you enjoyed the festive season and are full of lovely chocolates, various munch-able meats and leafy green vegetables. However I hope you left room for the most important meal of all. My weekly round UP of trailers is once again set upon your table, so grab your knife and fork and stuff that wonderful face of yours


Borderlands 2 – Sir Hammerlock’s Great Big Hunt

Borderlands 2 is one of my favourite games of the year, and Sir Hammerlock was one of my favourite characters. Capturing the British Jungle Explorer vibe with an element of steam-punk cynicism, and of course a whooping great mustache Sir Hammerlock was one of the stand out cast, and his quests were always about hunting down big game and putting a whole load of lead into their exotically sized craniums. So the fact that the new installation of DLC is centered all around this British Explorer-esque theme of exploring new wilderness and blowing the local wild-life to bits sounds like jolly good fun old boy! (And before you complain, at least the Pandorian wildlife stands a chance)



The Showdown Effect – Beta Cliche Trailer

Can you be sold a product in under 2 minutes? Many cynical people out there would say yes. The human brain is merely a sponge of grey matter that can be easily manipulated by a few bells and whistles, so more naive people would believe they are above such attempts to influence their mind. No matter what you think, I was sold on this game in under 2 minutes, so what does that make me? (A guy with a good choice in games I believe, feel free to disagree)



Dead Space 3 – The Story So Far Trailer

Dead Space was a wonderful new IP in the horror game franchise. I was reluctant to buy Dead Space 2 because I’m not a great believer that horror games can always catch lightning in the bottle twice. Just look at Resident Evil 4 … then Resident Evil 5 … and then Resident Evil 6. Perhaps the lessons I’ve learned about horror/survival games have made me suspicious of Dead Space 3. I may not enjoy the gameplay, but I always enjoy a good back-story so here is a run down of the tale so far in the deadest of spaces.



Final Fantasy XIII-Lightening Returns

After the mind-melting complexity of Final Fantasy XIII-2 time travel I’m not sure I want another Final Fantasy based around time, although at least time is only going in one direction in this new installment. Counting down from 13 days in real-time, the player must find a way to save the world.

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