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Six Gifts to Keep the Geeks in Your Life Happy This Christmas

December 18, 2012

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Gifts are such a pain, aren’t they? You have that person to buy for – you know, THAT person. The one that’s impossible to buy for. The one that has one of everything.

Well, have no fear, your little Christmas elf-friend will guide you through some of this year’s most wonderfully nerdy gifts!

The Hobbit is here, and my goodness, isn’t it ever?

This Christmas there are a plethora of Hobbitastic gifts to go for, but if you’re looking for something for the more discerning Tolkien fan, you may want to check out Spinless Classic’s book-on-a-page print.


Yep, that’s the entire book on one page and doesn’t it look sophisticated? And for a limited time online they’re adding a Tolkien launch voucher to knock the price down to a very nice £40.49.

Or if you’re feeling completely bonkers, you could get it framed for £240. No, stop it, you’ll regret it later.

Get it here: Spineless Classics

So you’ve got the book nerd sorted, what about the sci-fi nerd?

Are they a sci-fi nerd that loves a bit of a drink? Hmm? Yeah, you know what I’m getting at. But before you gather everyone for the intervention maybe let them have that one more eggnog. It’s Christmas after all. And what better way than to garnish a christmas bevvy than with their very own miniature death star ice ‘cube’?

 Not that I needed to qualify it as miniature, mind you. A lifesize death star made entirely from ice would probably have hit the papers by now.

So anyway, give the gift of frozen planetary destruction this christmas. If you’re up for it.

Get it here: Think Geek or here for UK customers: Forbidden Planet

What about the nerd friend that spends more time in their room than anywhere else? You’ve called them a cave dweller more than once, in an endearing way I’m sure, but there’s nothing wrong with trying to spruce things up a bit for them, is there? The great cave-dwelling thinkers need some sprucing too.

How about a little light on the situation – and what better way than to illuminate the room-inator than with their very own minecraft inspired torch?

You can even wall mount it for that safe, homely glow. Keeps away door-to-door pests just as well as it stops creepers from spawning.

Get it here: Think Geek

How about that personal touch? Everyone loves a knitted sweater, but there’s something about wool that just doesn’t cut the mustard when it comes to the nerd in you. How about a regular sweatshirt with a screen-printed design? With dinosaurs? In a Christmas scene? Looking pixellated?

Yeah, thought that’d get you.

Come on, put it on. Granny will be pleased.

Get it here: Etsy

It’s all going pretty well. Your gifts this year are exceptional, go you. Oh but wait… you forgot one. That geek girl that loves her retro gaming. What are you like? Scatterbrain. Well don’t worry about it my friend, I’ve got you covered. What says retro love more than a pair of retro heart stud earrings?


 What’s that you said? I didn’t catch it over the sound of how beautiful these earrings are.

Oh and they ship internationally. Hurray!

Get them here: Shanalogic

Ahh, breathe a sigh of relief. You’ve got them all! Oh, except your Dad. Moron.

Here, quick, get him beer! I’m sure he loves a bit of Lord of the Rings, right? Then he’ll love a bottle of SobeRing Thought.

As if the theme isn’t enough, this was a beer created as an authentic looking beer for the cast to drink while filming the Lord of the Rings trilogy. And now you can buy it yourself!

There is one tiny catch however … you or a friend needs to live in New Zealand. Sorry.

Get it here, if you can: Harrington’s Breweries

Well there we have it, Christmas sorted for another year. Just in time, too. I can practically hear Santa’s sleigh – and it sounds rather familiar

Anyway, I’d better get back to the grotto, Santa’s a real demon with that whip.

Merry Christmas, folks.

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