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Ben’s Trailer Round-UP – 12/13/12

December 13, 2012

pixelben Once again I’m back for my fortnightly trailer Round-UP. I hope you have been all keeping well. Now gather round while I share with you some the trailers I think look extra awesome lately.



Mass Effect Trilogy Launch trailer 


Just wow. Even when Mass Effect 2 was first announced for the PlayStation 3 I knew there was no hope in hell that I would be able to play Mass Effect on my PlayStation 3, but finally it’s going to arrive in all its glory for me to play. At last I’ll have a chance of playing my Shepard from start to finish, from first becoming a Spectre to finally deciding the fate of the Galaxy. It’s a huge space sci-fi epic and we all know how much we love it. Let’s just hope the calibrating is all done.

Last of Us Story Trailer 


Seriously! Oh my god Naughty Dog, will you guys ever let up and let me calm down? After watching the new story trailer I can’t wait for the May 7th 2013 release date. Our first look at the actual remaining human population, living under an iron-fisted regime for their own protection. But then why would Noel want to leave the safety of this place, and why take an innocent young girl like Ellie? The story looks to be a right twister, and it looks so dark and gritty, I can’t wait to take those first few steps out into the big dangerous world of The Last of Us.

South Park : The Stick of Truth Official Trailer 2


Obsidian and THQ look like they could be making the best South Park game ever. With the dedicated input from Series’ creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone, the Stick of Truth looks like an amazing gift to all South Park fans who always wondered what it would be like to hang round with the foul-mouthed boys and become messed up in a story that seems to spring from their imagination.

Tomb Raider – Survivor Trailer [HD]


Although Tomb Raider looks fantastic and has actually piqued my interest on occasion, I’m still feeling a bit ‘meh’ to be honest. I can’t help but compare it to Uncharted. That is, of course deeply unfair, as Uncharted has been described initially as stealing from Tomb Raider.

The new Lara and her origins that Crystal Dynamic have created is very exciting to see, but I just can’t get too excited. The survival mechanic and gameplay had me interested, it just looks at some point in the Trailer that they are aiming for big, dramatic set-pieces more than snake-in-the-grass survival. It seems to be a game trying to be two things at once and trying to distinguish itself from the other three person action shooters. It looks good, but on that count it hasn’t met the target.

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