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Why Uncharted 3 Fell Flat

December 5, 2012

Uncharted 2: Among Thieves is one of my favourite games for this generation of gaming. It’s one of the best third person shooters in the Playstation 3 library. In fact it’s one of the best third person shooters developed. It had a brilliantly paced story, fast hyper-active run and gun shooting action, death-defying platforming, visually arresting graphics and cut scenes and it improved on the outstanding Uncharted: Drake’s Fortune to such an extent that it was hard to conceive how Naughty Dog managed to reach the bar and kick it further out into orbit.

So you can imagine my delight that the sequel was announced. Uncharted 3: Drake’s Deception. I was incredibly excited. My mind was boggled after seeing the first teaser; so excited was I that I actually went to my local game store to pre-order the limited edition.

Let’s get this straight I love Uncharted 3: Among Thieves but, like its predecessor I quickly tired of it – or rather I lost my interest faster. I have spent 100 hours playing the campaign in Uncharted 2, for a campaign that only lasts up to 8 (but one I could now finish in 4-5 hours) and that is particularly odd.

Uncharted 2 was tighter, the story was darker and it was a real strike of gaming genius. Uncharted 3 did everything the same, apart from a new aiming system and new A.I which I have to admit were slightly flawed. I was being stubborn, ignoring those points. Yes, the aiming was heavier and slower and less precise: a trade-off Naughty Dog made to enhance the realism of combat. It was a problem enough that they patched it, and I have to admit, setting the aiming back to the old style made the game feel a little bit smoother. Apart from that though, Uncharted 3 ticked all the same boxes the previous installment had, so why do I feel Uncharted 3 fell flat quickly?

Uncharted 2 is a game I always enjoy, even if I’m on the hardest setting and getting blasted to bits. It’s always great fun to re-visit. Why does Uncharted 3 seem to suffer from a lack of re-playability?

I got all the platinum trophies for Uncharted 2 (and Uncharted) and took a great deal of pride in my love and enthusiasm for the games themselves, any of my friends would clearly label me obsessed by Uncharted, so why can’t I even get around to finishing Uncharted 3 on crushing?

Did Drake stumble and fall?

Did Drake stumble and fall?

Maybe because the formula didn’t change. I was in awe of the story and the visuals, and the dynamic gameplay, the fun characters and the drama and everything. Is it because it came second? Following a masterpiece is hard. How can you stand out when you have reached the pinnacle?

Uncharted 3 deserves to be put side by side to Uncharted 2 and in many ways it was bigger and more ambitious and built on its younger brother. I enjoyed it almost as much, but Uncharted 2 was the first in the formula and therefore instantly slams into your brain at the point where things changed. You always look back on it with a feeling of awe and ‘Wow that was amazing’. I wont look back on Uncharted 3 in the same way I look back on Uncharted 2 and that’s a sad thought.

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