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Ben’s Trailer Round-UP

November 29, 2012


Time for another Ben’s Trailer Round-UP. So impressed with the reaction from the first instalment I decided to dive into the world of trailers and look for some relatively recent ones. So sit back, relax and enjoy!


God of War Ascension


A nice little behind the scenes of the upcoming God of War prequel. The trailer shows how the team at Sony Santa Monica collaborate and come together to create some of the most truly graphic and gruesome moments from the Multiplayer trailer. If you are looking forward to God of War Ascension this maybe contains some of that thirst for gory and destruction.


Star Wars: The Old Republic Free to Play 

star-wars-the-old-republic-free-to-play-launch-trailer – Watch the trailer here at IGN!

Star Wars: The Old Republic has finally gone Free to Play this November. But it doesn’t look like Bioware is giving up on the MMO that has failed to find its feet after the overwhelming hype last December. The game still focuses on the battle between the Grand Republic and the Sith Empire, and remains a story-driven and epic experience, if you haven’t checked it out there is no better time than now.


DMC: Devil May Cry Demo Trailer [HD] 


This may only be a trailer for a demo, but seeing what Ninja Theory has done to Devil May Cry makes me very excited to grab the controller and give it about. Already, we can see Ninja Theorys usual bizarre take on environments and colour dominating the look of the game, and it looks stunning to say the very least. The action looks intense, kinetic and out sword twirling crazy. I’m looking forward to giving the demo a go. If it plays as well as it looks from the trailer, new Devil May Cry is going to kick the rest of the hack’n’slash genre in the nuts!


Far Cry 3: The Story Trailer


Far Cry 3 looks to redefine the first person single-player experience. Rather than treating the single player as a ‘training ground’ for the Multiplayer, Far Cry 3 looks to set the bar for story-driven plot, character performances and hard realities that put the shooting in the back of your mind and give you a real gaming experience. This is something we don’t get from every FPS nowadays. So sit back relax and enjoy your holiday in Far Cry 3. It’s going to be a rough one.


LEGO The Lord of the Rings Launch Trailer


The greatest story ever written, the books that defined fantasy and became implanted into the world’s conciousness, the most ambitious movie trilogy ever bought to the movie screen. The Lord of the Rings is a mammoth, but TT Games are taking this grandest of adventures and recreating it with the humblest pieces of plastic ever. I love Lego and I love the The Lord of the Rings movies. This looks like yet another grand retelling by a team that has handled each re-visioning with perfect care and attention. Lego: The Lord of The Rings embarks soon, are you ready for the journey?


Hitman Absolution – Launch Trailer


Agent 47 is back and he looks in solid form. With a more personal storyline and with higher stakes, Hitman Absolution looks like it’s taking the franchise to new, interesting places while maintaining the philosophies and gameplay ideals that first made Agent 47 the stand-out Assassin.


Bioshock Infinite – Beast of America


What can I say about Bioshock Infinite that would encapsulate how monolithic the game will be? A single person shooter that’s story-driven and makes you question your characters ideals and question what is worth fighting for. Bioshock Infinite will absorb us wholly into this new world, just like Bioshock did when you first saw Rapture City. This will be an experience, not a mere game.


Mass Effect 3 Omega DLC Trailer


A lot of people have made their point about the ending of Mass Effect 3, but that doesn’t mean BioWare has given up trying to give us the epic experience we get from the Mass Effect universe. This bundle shows Shepard teaming up with Aria, fighting for control of Omega, along with some help from the first ever female Turian. It looks to be an epic inclusion into the Mass Effect 3 story, but will it be enough to draw back players who have become disenfranchised? Perhaps. It looks good though.

That’s all for now! Tune in Thursday in two weeks for the next of Ben’s Round-UP.

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