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My Personal MMO Decline

November 19, 2012

Switchin’ them MMOs.

MMOs. I’ve always liked MMOs. I like the huge worlds, I like how many other players there are to interact with (even if I don’t actually like the person playing) and I like the carrot-on-a-stick-progression. It was all amazing! Was amazing.

The first MMO I ever played was Runescape. I have a lot of great memories from that game. All the people I got to know, all the things I saw. It was the first taste of that never-ending carrot-on-a-stick-progression I ever had and I think I’ll always remember it fondly. Unfortunately Runescape looked pretty poor after I saw the first World of Warcraft video and I watched one of my friends make and play his first character, a female undead warrior with dumb hair.

Dumb hair simulator

Of course, I also wanted to play World of Warcraft, but since I hadn’t really been paying attention to it coming out it was sold out. Everywhere. But because I also wanted to play a new generation, shiny and amazing MMO I bought… Everquest 2. One of the biggest mistakes in game purchasing I’ve ever made since I bought Twin Caliber for the PS2. Everquest 2 was bland, confusing and empty. Completely devoid of life, in fact, and I abandoned it after only two weeks of being bored. But all felt right in the world when I bought a World of Warcraft account off of a friend’s friend. Three months after release I was reveling in the great World of Warcraft! That was the start of a game that lasted for almost a decade for me.

I did take breaks from World of Warcraft, though. I played Age of Conan, Maplestory, Lord of the Ring Online, City of Heroes, Hellgate: London, World of Tanks, Guild Wars, Star Wars: The Old Republic, EVE, Guild Wars 2 and a few others I don’t remember the names of. Personally I think I have a lot of experience with MMOs, even if it isn’t very deep for each game. But after more a decade of having played different MMOs something hit me while I was playing Guild Wars 2, and when I tried writing a review of it.

I hate MMOs. They aren’t fun anymore. I feel like I haven’t finished a game in forever. Whenever I start a new MMO I’m very excited and I enjoy it, for a time. But you just never finish. You never get an ending. There’s no “good job, you saved the world and everything is good”. There’s always something else to do and, frankly, it’s getting tedious. The latest game I finished was Hotline Miami. It was a great, fast, fun, challenging and interesting game. The story was pretty interesting as well, but I found myself kind of skipping past a lot of it to get to the fun gameplay. All of this is making me pretty confused. I always thought a great story was what had me finishing singleplayer games. But after Hotline Miami I had a think and I realised I was really looking forward to finishing the game. I enjoyed it all the way through, even if it got frustrating. But all I had to do was take a little break and get right back into it. I finished it in about five hours and I had more fun in those five hours than I had in most of the MMOs I’ve played for more than five hours.

I know comparing an MMO to a quick, little game like Hotline Miami isn’t really fair, because they are worlds apart. But if I had to pick between playing Hotline Miami for another five hours or Guild Wars 2 for the equal amount of time, I’d go for Hotline Miami every time. I enjoyed what I played of Guild Wars 2, but whenever I think of it I just get really stressed out. I have to play too much of it to get the same amount of enjoyment out of it as I do smaller games. I feel I’m just rambling on now and not making much sense, but this is all very fresh in my mind. It was also strange realising MMOs aren’t my favourite kinds of games anymore. I’ve had it in my head for so long that an MMO is the greatest concept that it was kind of like losing a friend. Growing apart and not knowing each other as well anymore. They spoke of leveling and exploring and getting the best of the best gear while all I wanted to do was stab a dude in Miami …

It felt even stranger playing a fun indie game, to be honest.

That’s for another article, though! I’m out.

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