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Ben’s Trailer Round-UP

November 15, 2012

This could be the start of a very special segment of WeHave9Minutes. Where I (BEN!) go over all the latest and greatest trailers to have been seen by our human eyes over the course of the next week, 2 weeks or a month. However long my lovely editors decide.

So please let me welcome you to the first and possibly LAST of Ben’s Trailer Round-UP.

(This groovy pixel version of myself was made by a good friend of mine, and hopefully he won’t sue!)

Grand Theft Auto V Official Trailer 2


Finally after months of waiting around for more footage of Rockstar North’s Grand Theft Auto V, we are given a tantalizing view into our next outing in the state of Los Santos. We are introduced to our three tag-team protagonists Michael, Trevor and Franklin. Each of them look fleshed out and realized with more character, background and motivations. A wide set of motivations, either from providing for a spoilt family, trying to escape the low life gang territories, or just being a f**king nutcase. GTA V looks to be the most ambitious, most intense, most glossy and damn well just about the best thing to come out of Rockstar since the absolutely stunning Red Dead Redemption. Los Santos looks like it’s full of the same life and atmosphere which sets apart Rockstar sand-box games from the rest.

Get used to watching this trailer over and over again … cause we are still in for what seems a long wait until this sucker releases in 2013.


Crysis 3 Campaign footage


Finally our first look at Crysis 3, and man, just when you think Crysis couldn’t look better it does exactly that. The level of polish and detail is truly eye-watering, and the mix of jungle and urban environments gelling together is a delight to see. As if you could reach out and feel the grass, weeds and vines sprouting up under the decaying concrete.

The story is obviously only hinted at, but it sounds similar on the basic level: Go into an enemy-occupied territory and nab their shit from them.

The new weapon, the bow (bows seem really in now), looks like a lot of fun. Two different kind of arrow heads are eluded in the footage, an electric arrow tip and an explosive arrow tip. I hope there is enough diversity that using the bow doesn’t quickly become an ‘oooooh look environmental damage’-gimmick.

Other than that Crysis 3 looks like the sleek, fast paced, high octane and stressful shooter I grew to know with Crysis 2.


PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale


23rd November I know where I’m going to be.

This trailer almost completely sold me on PlayStation All-Stars Battle Royale. I was sitting on the fence for the last few months, but now all I want to do is play All-Stars and battle it out with Sony legends, and I really can’t stop listening to the song (Madeon – Finale). Don’t laugh. It’s fast becoming a psychological problem.


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