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Disney buys Lucasfilm … wait what?!

October 31, 2012

I literally couldn’t begin to fathom the news reaching my ears yesterday evening. George Lucas, a strong believer in independence from classic film studios, a man who on the back on the greatest sci-fantasy franchise ever sold off the creative rights and his studio to Disney.

Now, like most fans I was immediately up in arms over the buyout. How could Lucasfilm be dead with Disney holding onto my beloved franchise Star Wars? They can only ruin it.

However, after a day I think I begin to understand that perhaps it’s not all that bad. Yes, Star Wars was George Lucas’ idea and it’s his universe. But over the decades since A New Hope released into cinemas, it has belonged to the fans and the films had to answer to the fans. It has grown beyond George Lucas. He is always the protector of the universe, but Star Wars has been added to and lovingly improved by fans.

The prequel trilogy showed exactly what happens when the creative director loses touch with what the fans love and want. I do not hate the prequel trilogy, but I can accept many people’s opinions on why they are inferior.

Perhaps having someone else control the IP is a good thing. George Lucas has stated that he will be a creative consultant but that’s a good thing. He never had a sounding board before, he directly controlled what was Star Wars, but Star Wars means a lot of different things to different people. Some people may want a darker Star Wars compared to the kid friendly iterations. Hopefully there is a collective desire by directors, writers and designers in Hollywood to make Star Wars better and live up to fan expectations again.

The possibility of letting other directors have a crack at Star Wars is not a bad thing! Hell, the best Star Wars movie in my opinion, Empire Strikes Back, was directed by Irvin Kershner.

I would not like to see Luke, Leia and Han again. It’s been too long and honestly, if you are going to make a new set of Star Wars under Disney, use the opportunity to explore the universe, the canonical extended universe. As long as whoever is given the opportunities understands the responsibility they have been given.

Star Wars is widely cherished, so to have Disney use the IP as a cash-cow is the last thing I want. They gave The Avengers to Joss Whedon – an excellent move that fans approved of. I just hope they will make a similar use of those smarts when producing more Star Wars.

Another good point is that Disney has the financial power to explore Star Wars not only on the movie screen but the television screen. The long rumoured and anticipated Star Wars live action series has been hanging over Lucas for years. Perhaps now we can see the fruits of the creative intent.

No Joke. This is a big deal.

This was just a few thoughts, perhaps you agree and perhaps you don’t. Either way Star Wars will change and be coming back from a galaxy far far away.

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