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Borderlands 2: First Impressions Starring Gunzerker

September 26, 2012

He’s ready. Are you?

Finally, there is a first person shooter out there, which is actually worth the forty something pounds you spend on it. Borderlands 2 is amazing, but I won’t go too in-depth in this post, as I will post a full review once I have finally let my tiny mind wrap around what is a real nut-shot to the standard first person shooter.

Borderlands 2 is a beautiful game. Heavy on the cell-shading, but it works with the vibrate and dynamic landscapes you find yourself in. Saying Borderlands 2 is gorgeous is quite the understatement, because, literally, it’s one of the most colourful AAA titles out there.

Borderlands 2 takes grey, brown and murky realistic and sticks it up their arse. And just as the environments and scenery make to stand out, so does the gameplay. It’s fun, addictive and you are always grinding away for that next level, that next talent, that next head-shot, and of course, the next gun, which is what Borderlands 2 is all about. A gazillion guns … they weren’t lying.

The guns, the sounds, the impact and the sheer, bloody gore when wiping out a bandit point blank with a shotgun has never been so satisfying. When last time in a shooter have you yelled ‘OOOOOOOOH’ because you pulled off a sweet head-shot that just hit all the buttons for enjoyment, gore and brutality? The gameplay is simply tremendous and puts all other consoles shooters to shame, really. Borderlands 2 does everything right.

I started out with the Gunzerker and by God, does he have a blood-lust. I’m not the kind of guy who like playing shock-trooper, running in shotguns blazing, but Borderlands 2 rewards you for such bloody minded mentality. Ok, I die a lot, but I have a butt-ton of fun blasting out my Gunzerker mode and going to town on big-ass monsters and psychos with a shotgun in one hand and a revolver in the other.

The Line-Up

Borderlands 2 has done something for first person shooters. It shows us all that they can be frantic, over the top and downright crazy. And damn good fun too. It’s managed to put a smile on my face repeatedly and leaves me wanting more and more.

That’s my quick one two on Borderlands 2. A full review will be coming shortly.

If you are bordering on the fence, I say jump into Pandora and get your WUB WUB on!

Image Links: Youtube ‘Let’s Play Gunzerker’ – Thumbnail,

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  1. September 27, 2012 3:01 am

    I’m sold — off to buy it!

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