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Daniel Wesoly: Latest from the TimeSplitters UT2004 Mod

September 5, 2012

A few weeks ago I wrote a piece for this wonderful blog about the still-questioned future of the TimeSplitters franchise. This is a franchise I cherish as one of my all-time favourites. I was amazed to find that there was still a need and hunger for a fourth edition from other fans. Many online petitions can be found online, pleading Crytek to use their resources to finish a game that was conceived over 5 years ago, and many online groups have been created. One of these is the Facebook group, 100,000 Strong for TimeSplitters, a group set up by Daniel Wesoly, aged 21, whose ambitions include starting a Kickstarter fundraiser to help raise the money to bring TimeSplitters 4 off the drawing board and back on to our consoles.

Recently, Daniel and a friend of his have both been working on an interesting new mod for Unreal Tournament 2004. They have been painstakingly modding well-known TimeSplitters characters, weapons and maps into UT2004 so fans can enjoy the nostalgia and happy memories of one of the finest FPS franchises ever.

I emailed Daniel from 100,000 Strong for TimeSplitters to ask him a few questions about the group, the TimeSplitters community and the mod itself.

R-107: the little man-bot who could

Ben: What made you decide to set up the Facebook group in the first place?

Daniel: We set up the group to rally TimeSplitters fans to show Crytek that there is a demand for the game, although there are many new gamers today that would not even know what the game is due to it being so old. If it were to be announced and released, I think it’d gather interest due to it being a non-generic military shooter.

B: Would you say that you have had a good response from the TimeSplitters community?

D: Sure! The group is made up of very loyal followers and they all love the game. We all recognise the game as being truly different from anything else out there.

B: If  TimeSplitters 4 was developed, do you really believe it could compete in today’s FPS market?

D: Yes, and more so. The game industry is almost flat-lining, and TS4 [TimeSplitters 4] would give the industry the pulse it needs to survive. I am so tired of seeing Battlefield Modern War of Duty Crap 4 hitting the shelves every few months, and the thing is, all my friends buy into the stuff and even they know it’s being overdone.

B: What gave you the drive and idea to mod TimeSplitters in Unreal Tournament 2004?

D: Well, I got TS2 [TimeSplitters 2] when I was visiting my girlfriend’s family in Liverpool. I managed to pick it up for a pound, so I when I got back home I put it in and started playing. I was hit with nostalgia immediately while playing and started to realize how cool Notre Dam, NeoTokyo and Chicago would be as arcade maps. I looked into modding the game onto UT2004. I literally had to learn everything overnight, and soon I was rigging characters and transferring maps over to the game. I self taught myself how to mod in less than 24 hours.

B: How have you gone about developing the mod? Has it been an easy or difficult process?

D: It started off difficult, with me taking over 2 hours to rig one character and [there were] multiple characters I had to trash because I messed up. But now that I have got the hang of it, I can rig a basic character in half an hour, and a complicated character in just over an hour. Maps are way more difficult because TS2 gathered map data in sections, so you have to piece the bits of the map together and this can be very stressful!

B: How many people are working on it and how long has it taken so far?

D: At the moment, it is just me and a friend that I have taught to rig working on it. So far we have rigged 46 characters and I have done 3 maps: Training Grounds, Streets and Compound.  All of this has been accomplished in a week.

To Split or not to Split?

B: Do you have an future plans for the mod or bringing about more TS?

D: The idea is just to bring all of the TS2 and TS3 characters and most maps from both of the installments together. After that, I’ll call the mod completed, I am not planning on doing weapons but if a weapon rigger would like to step up then by all means contact me! [Email is below]

B: Do you think your work on the mod will spark more interest, possibly enough to promote a full release of TimeSplitters 4 from Crytek?

D: I have not really thought about that, I guess that would be a brilliant bonus!

B: How have the fans responded to the mod etc?

D: Well from the screenshots I have put up on Facebook, they all seem to love what I am doing. I am planning on making a YouTube video showcasing everything me and my friend have done so far, so stay tuned for that!

Daniel and his friends have a long way to go but have been showing the true spirit of fandom. Long after the games have stopped and the developer has moved onto greener pastures, the experience remains with you. Like coming home to your bed after a long holiday, it’s comfortable and satisfying.

Daniel and his group need a lot of help and support, so if you loved or just enjoyed the TimeSplitters franchise, help him out! He can be contacted through the Facebook group, or through his email:

“Always outnumbered, but never outgunned…”

Image Links: Facebook – 100,000 Strong for TimeSplitters 4


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