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OnLive CEO, Steve Perlman, Donates $50k To Ex-Employee COBRA Fund

August 26, 2012


Last week, I talked about the fall and rebirth of OnLive. Something I didn’t elaborate too strongly on was the human cost of OnLive’s financial woes.
An employee of the company (I think), Sim Dietrich, has set up a fund to help employees and their families pay for medical coverage until they find new employment. So far, so charitable. One of the donors is the very Steve Perlman that has been on the lips of everyone talking about OnLive’s troubles. Just where did his interests lie?
Apparently, at least some of them lie with his employees. He has donated $50,000 to the fund, and commented on the page with the following:

It’s refreshing to hear that people are being hired back, and that there are plans underway to get even more people back into the company.

It’s also refreshing to see a CEO stepping up and taking the blame for when things go south, and trying to keep employees afloat even when the company narrowly avoided death. If you’re a skeptic, you could say that he’s doing this to save face, but regardless, the money will undoubtedly make a difference to these people.

The fundraising page can be found here. If you’re feeling charitable, you could donate yourself.

Or you could spread the word.

Either works!

Original Sources: Ex-OnLive COBRA Fund; OnLive CEO Steve Perlman Donates $50K to Ex-OnLive Employee COBRA Fund

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