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Gamescom: Rain Announcement trailer

August 22, 2012


Here in Wales we love a bit of rain. I mean, you have to learn to if not love it, then at least tolerate it. It rains pretty much 51 weeks a year in Wales. So having a game’s mechanics completely dependent on precipitation seems like made for me. Or any other person living in Wales. I loved Heavy Rain and rain looks like it’s going to be a lot of fun with its simplistic yet original ideas of using rain in a gaming context. Just make sure not to bring your umbrellas this time.

Rain is the upcoming PlayStation Network title. Produced by Japan Studio it looks like it’ll carry on the rapidly growing, thoughtful and interesting creation of new out of the box network titles. Will rain be the next Journey perhaps?

Rain focuses on the adventures of a young boy who wakes up to see the ghostly outline of a young girl standing in the rain. Somehow, the boy is plunged into a mysterious world where he is invisible and can only be seen in the rain.

It’s an incredibly interesting and novel way of using weather to dictate gameplay, and it looks brilliant. The lonesome dark streets, the pouring rain and the vanishing outline of a little boy as you move him in and out of the rain.

How the game will handle this new mechanic is up to speculation. I could guess that our young, invisible adventurer won’t be exploring many buildings, unless he has to break the fire alarm glass and set off sprinklers everywhere he goes, although we may see that.

After the trailer you can already sense the tone of the game. It’s about adventure, mystery, ambience and rain, and honestly, I can’t wait to see the finished product.

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