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A Minecraft Expedition Part 2

August 18, 2012

And I’m away, no messing about today. After crafting some iron boots and an iron chest-plate, I set off on my second Minecraft expedition in so many days.



Jumping down into the hole, full of confidence after my last outing, I start work on another spiraling staircase, casing my eyes down into the darkness that lies beyond the floor of this giant pit.


C’mere you bugger!


A small trickling of water seeps from the wall of the hole and fills a small pool at the bottom. A creeper lazes enjoying its little bath, then it spots me and comes towards me with fierce intent, only to be caught in the current of its bathing pool. I slay him, mocking it all the while.

I think I’m getting the hang of this slaying nonsense.

Having reached the bottom and tentatively exploring the darkness beyond, I find not a long, dark canyon as I was expecting, but a wall. Disappointingly I mine out all the coal and iron visible along the walls and floor of the hole. Looking back up to the sky I see it has grown dark. Fearing traveling up in near darkness on my thin built staircase, I decide to just turn around and dig a long tunnel down through the back wall of the hole and hope that I come across the network of canyons that litter this area.

I dig straight and true, 2 by 1, and my tunnel extends further and further, only deviating as I explored for more openings. I stop and hear the bubbling of lava. I dig out a small room, searching for the elusive pool of lava, but I decide that it’s better to stop in case I dig right into the lava and lose all my equipment in one go. It’s better to drop equipment from a mob death than see all your stuff burn away in magma. Thinking about this, I absentmindedly manage to almost drop myself in an open pit of lava!

Returning to my tunnel I press on, breaking out into a network of tunnels, darkness to my left and right. I hurry to light the opening with torches and block the left with a cobblestone window, dispatching a helpless zombie between the cobblestone with my trusty iron sword.



I explore the vast networks and various side corridors, on the way grabbing as much iron and coal as I can. This expedition is turning into a rather mundane affair. No mobs come at me, and nothing more than iron and coal. Disheartened but happy with my progress, I rush back to my grand staircase and clamber out the hole by building a tower of dirt under my feet. I look out at the darkness only to see tens of creepers and skeletons surrounding my house. I sprint feverishly back to home and attempt to sleep only to be greeted with this message.




So Obi Wan has to spend a night awake listening to creepers, zombies and skeletons lumber around outside my house and bash on my front door. I smelt some iron and create a compass so I can successfully explore further afield and find my way home, and finally, day breaks. However, as I take in the fresh air, ready with my many farming tools to make good use of my first expedition’s organic spoils, I’m happily welcomed to the new day by skeletons taking a bath in my lake and creepers lounging on my beach!


My second expedition was sadly uneventful and most of the fun of the day was clearing my homestead of mobs and creating a shore-like farm.

Though, now armed with a compass, I will attempt to go on a week long adventure away from my homestead to seek my fortune… maybe… or perhaps I’ll just stay here and tend my melons…

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