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DayZ Journal

August 13, 2012

Day 2

It’s bright and early when Michael and I wake up in the radio tower. After saying our good mornings and how are yous we take one last look around the airstrip before we head off. We don’t find a lot, but what we do find is useful. We eat a sardine and Pepsi breakfast and consult our map. The airstrip is right next to the rather large town of Krasnostav, but I want to avoid it seeing how we already have food and drink and ammo to last us a good while. We’ll focus on deer stands while making our way west. I hope it’ll take us to the largest military compound on the map – the airfield.

While running over fields and through forests we talk about this and that, make plans, discuss the gear we want the most, stop now and then to rest and drink. I feel myself relaxing, letting my guard down. When we find deer stands, we take it all less serious than we did on the first day. We still haven’t seen a single other player and zombies aren’t that big of a problem any more because of all the medical supplies we have. I get a bad feeling, but I shrug it off.

We’ve been running for a good 30 minutes now, weaving back and forth, making poor time. Stopping for another rest, we look at the map. Up ahead, to the north west, is a mountain top and a ruin called Devil’s Castle. Perhaps against my better judgement I convince Michael that we have to go there. How could we not visit a place called Devil’s Castle? It sounds amazing. Enough rest, time to go.

Devil’s Castle is located on the very top of a steep mountain that becomes even steeper right before the wall of the castle on the side of the mountain. We begin to climb. We crawl around, hide in bushes, dodge zombies and kill a few before we find a hole in the wall wide enough to drive a bus through. We get inside the walls of the castle and find the main tower. I assume it’s the keep, but I’m not an expert, to say the least. There’s a lot of zombies swarming right outside, but they don’t notice us. The inside is almost barren, save for the old, creaky stairs running along the inside of the walls to the roof. The supplies we find are not worth mentioning and we don’t find anything else. Besides the amazing name, Devil’s Castle doesn’t have much to offer in the way of excitement. Before leaving, however, we check the map once again. All we need to do to get to the airfield from Devil’s Castle is to go down the mountain due west, cross some roads and some fields and then we’re there.

Our mood rises as we draw closer to the airfield. We can see it in the distance now, having crossed the roads and most of the fields. Peeled eyes looking for downed military helicopters, which are a rare spawn around there. When they spawn it is with unique zombies and very good military grade loot. We’re just north of the airfield. We got turned around trying to locate a helicopter we thought we saw, but it was nothing. We look through our binoculars, trying to make out zombies or other players. Getting a bit too excited, we quickly get moving. The first buildings we hit don’t have a lot of stuff in them, so we move on, too fast. We sprint and jog, throwing caution to the wind. We reach the barracks and I find an M16 ACOG with a lot of ammo. We’re extremely excited and start poking around for a weapon for Michael. Running inside of something looking like a fire station, firing our guns to kill the zombies following us, we’ve lost all regard for our surroundings. We climb the tower, finding more good loot on our way up.

Michael got hit. He’s dead. Or as good as dead. He’s bleeding and he has passed out. I don’t see the sniper and I don’t know where the shot came from. Michael is halfway up the tower of the station. He was looking out the window when he got hit. I run ahead, up to the top of the tower, hoping the shooter doesn’t see me. Michael is calling for me. He’s hurt really bad. I decide I have to get down there again and see if I can save him. I manage to bandage him, but as I’m getting out a blood bag to give him a blood transfusion … CLACK! The sound of the bullet echos and fades as I’m clutching my stomach, trying to apply a bandage, now on myself. Blood is pouring out of me like sand out of a damaged sandbag. Michael is dead. I don’t even have time to finish bandaging myself before I hear another whip crack in the air.

I’m dead. I only lived for two days.

Image Link: DayZ Mod

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