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Hype Trailers

August 5, 2012

Let’s admit it, we have all enjoyed watching trailers, but rarely does a trailer live on in your mind as much as actually playing the game itself. However, I’m going to pick a handful of trailers that I can still watch again and still get that same shiver up my spine as if I had seen it for the first time.

Assassin’s Creed:  Revelations E3 Trailer

Ezio Auditore De Firenze has been through a lot. To my mind, he is one of the few gaming characters whom you play as throughout most of their lives (about 50 years in Ezio’s case). You are with him for the first steps as Ezio becomes a vengeful son, soon evolving into a deadly and respected assassin leader.

Okay, Revelations didn’t change the gameplay formula, but it is definitely more about concluding Ezio’s story than about the game itself.

Something about the trailer just speaks out to me, taking advantage of all the time players have invested into Ezio from a teenage boy to a weathered old man.

But, then again, it could just be the sweet moves and epic soundtrack …

Mass Effect 3 Launch Trailer

I was feeling really down when Mass Effect 3 was announced. I was annoyed, I had been busy all day, tired from a full 7am – 10pm week of work, I was sapped of all energy, but my morning tea in the corner of the Costa in Cardiff was made that much sweeter by this trailer.

I literally watched it 20 times in a row. Mass Effect 3 promised to be the epic conclusion of a critically acclaimed series. The stakes were high for Shepard and Bioware. This trailer may just have been a launch trailer, but it made me realise how important it was to play Mass Effect 3 as soon as possible and kick some Reaper arse.

The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim

I didn’t like Oblivion. I’m not afraid to say it. Maybe I came to the game too late. I just couldn’t enjoy it. So when Skyrim was announced I said “meh”.

My mind was forever changed by this trailer. Bethesda took everything people loved in Oblivion and multiplied by 1,000. It simply looked like a massive epic adventure, waiting for you, almost calling for you to jump straight into the world right then and there.

The environments looked lush and soaked in detail, the gameplay looked intense and the dragons looked…well, fucking hardcore. Ironically, it turned out they are kind of easy to kill. Seriously, I got killed by more bears in the first few hours than I did by dragons.

My opinion of Skyrim has fluctuated between clingy stalker infatuation to downright hatred (because of the bugs), but no matter what I think at the moment, this trailer is an epic way to spend three minutes.

Halo Reach: Live Action ‘Deliver Hope’ Trailer

I’m not a Halo fan. I acknowledge that the Halo series changed gaming in many ways, especially with online gaming, and this trailer could mark another step. The trailer may have been advertising another Halo instalment, but to me it shows how gaming can be translated into brilliant live action sequences. Let’s see more of these please. Maybe full length feature ones. Imagine it now: Mass Effect coming to your TV or big screen, or Dragon Age with a decent script. Now that’s hype!

No one mention Max Payne. That didn’t happen. That was an awful, awful mistake.

Uncharted 3 Official Multiplayer Trailer

How do you sweeten the deal on getting one more adventure with Nathan Drake, the wise cracking fortune hunter with a big heart? How about a stunningly addictive multiplayer that’s bigger and badder than its younger brother? This was the icing on the cake. A cake I couldn’t wait to gobble down.

Force Unleashed Trailer

Finally, it looked like a Star Wars console game could live up to the crazy imagination that kids envision when they run about in the back garden with a stick.

Force Unleashed was all about using the Force in the most amped out, souped up way possible. Flinging stormtroopers into the path of TIE fighters is something any Star Wars fan could get giddy about. Oh, and at last we were playing as a bad guy. *menacing cackle*

Star Wars The Old Republic: Intro Trailer

What is there to say? Is BioWare and Star Wars a match made in heaven? I think so! They must love Star Wars almost as much as me…

Heavy Rain Trailer

Heavy Rain looked like it was going to be interesting, but this trailer embodies the moment Heavy Rain went from being a simple game to a powerful piece of dramatic storytelling that questioned the player: how far would you go to save the one you love?

Can any of us answer that question?

This is one of those kind of trailers that sells games rather than merely reminding you of a release date.

Okay, so I realise these are all old trailers. I think you need to play a game and forget about it before you decide whether a trailer was really hype. If you remember the trailer long after the game has arrived then it’s definitely worthy of the title of ‘Hype’.

Is this following trailer going to make the grade for a hype trailer? You decide.

Naruto Shippuden Ultimate Ninja Storm Reveal Trailer

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