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My Gaming Picks From SDCC

August 4, 2012

And you thought mutants were ugly.

San Diego Comic-Con, known throughout nerddom as one of the biggest events of the year. Hundreds of fans come in hordes to see in-depth panels about everything nerdy – TV shows ranging from American Dad to Game of Thrones. Anyone worth turning up turns up, and it’s not just TV shows. Movies always make a big appearance teasing new footage, announcing new projects. But really, the biggest news for me came all from gaming at SDCC.

First off, another big name joins the cast of Last of Us in the newest released cinematic from Naughty Dog. Bill is an old friend of Joel, and I think we are using friend quite loosely at this point. Bill at first sight decides to handcuff Ellie to a pipe and man-handle Joel before resoundingly ignoring and refusing to help our duo. Bill looks like the kind of friend you need during a worldwide infestation. The kind of guy who used to help around with pipe-bombs and crossbows. Not looking so strange now, are we, Bill?

Bill is voiced and played by W. Earl Brown who is well known for his roles in movies including There’ s Something About Mary, Scream and Vanilla Sky. But most of all for me he is Dan Dority from the acclaimed HBO series Deadwood (one of my all time favourite series).

Last Of Us just gets better and better.


Second off, strangely, I’m kinda looking forward to seeing this and yes, it is a superhero game, but not quite like any you have seen before:


Yep, Deadpool, the wise ass bat-sh*t crazy mutant hunter is here, and for the first time (in my knowledge) in a game completely of his own. So expect a lot of maniac puerile humour with a lot of breaking the fourth wall in what looks to be a high octane hack’n’slash shoot ‘em up-thingy. Looks good! I mean, you have to give Deadpool mad props. Takes a lot of balls to sound ‘Suck it Wolverine’.

Third off, Playstation’s All Stars Battle Royale. A week back we were treated to some so-so character reveals at EVO 2012. But let me tell you, the characters that are joining in the brawl revealed at SDCC, well, let’s just say that now I’m excited. Jak and Daxter! Perhaps one of my favourite double acts ever are going to be kicking ass in Battle Royale. Jak looks to have some good long range, midrange and closerange moves. I’m getting the feeling he’s the average at everything, but then again, you still get some sweet dark and light eco powers by the look. Same goes for the second reveal, Cole McGarth from the inFamous games.

The roster is still quite limited, and with a release date of October 23rd already lined up, we can expect more character reveals. In the comment section below add who you think will be revealed next, who will you be picking in your first fight based on the roster already to hand, or let me know if you couldn’t care less. Let’s get some discussion going on the Huttstuff!



Oh, and for anyone literally biting at the bit for more BEYOND: Two Souls news, here is the SDCC panel with game director David Cage and the brilliantly case, Ellen Page. Enjoy.


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