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100,000 Strong For TimeSplitters 4

August 1, 2012

It’s ALIVE … or is it?

Since speaking out about the difficulties with bringing back Free Radical’s (now Crytek UK) TimeSplitters franchise, Crytek CEO Cevat Yerli has unknowingly sparked up die-hard fan support. Although he stated: “I wish we were working on it”, it has long been known that Crytek wasn’t interested in raising the dead franchise. Unless there was fan support.

Now though, the chief executive has begun considering launching a Kickstarter for TimeSplitters. Although statements show how uneasy the CEO is for a large company to call on fan funding, the CEO teased that “I suppose if someone really, really wanted to …”

Quite the bloody Mary

Long before Free Radical was bought out, leaked assets for the next instalment of time-bending FPS were all over the net, giving us wonderful, joyous hope for the future. That future was extinguished when the company went into administration, bought up by Crytek and used to build Crysis 2’s well received multiplayer. But in all the fans minds were the questions: “What if?”, “Will they?”, “Won’t they?”.

Ye Olde Wench … no doubt serves pints at Ye Olde Pub

The news of Crytek even mentioning the possibility has stirred up the fan base into action, even so far as starting off the Kickstarter themselves without Crytek.

A facebook group called 100,00 Strong for Timesplitters 4 has sprung up in response, rallying supporters of the venture. It just shows the passion and readiness from the fans to welcome back what was a truly outstanding experience in the First Person Shooter-genre.

As well as joining the Facebook group you can show your support further by signing this online petition which will be send to Crytek directly.

If you loved TimeSplitters and want more, then join the group, sign the petition and don’t forget to ‘dance like a monkey’:


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