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DayZ Journal

July 31, 2012

Day 1

I find myself washed up on the coast close to the village of Tulga. Staggering to my feet I hear my radio crackle (it’s actually Skype) and my friend Michael tells me he’s north of the town Solnichniy. I check my equipment: One flashlight, one bandage and one box of painkillers. I look up and use the clouds to determine north (they always float east, you see), peering into the distance I see mangled bodies, slowly scuffling up and down the coast. I swear under my breath and tell Michael I’m on my way.

I decide to make use of the nearby tree line to cover my advance. After a few minutes of running I make it to the outskirts of Solnichniy. Michael is no where to be seen and the small town is full of zombies. Slowly I make my way closer to the town, taking care not to expose myself too much. Crossing this small town takes me a long time since I have to be careful not to make too much noise, such as running on concrete or gravel. I also spend most of my time in the town on my belly, crawling through gardens and driveways. Standing up or crouching aren’t options I’m interested in since it’s only just past noon and the zombies would clearly see me if I did.

The town of Solnichniy is divided into two parts. North and south, with about a 1-2 minute sprint inbetween them. In the middle of this stretch of land between the two parts of town there’s a fuel pump. A petrol station. This is where I finally meet up with Michael. We exchange greetings and woes before making our way further north. Passing through the north part of Solnichniy we find a hatchet and a soda. We’re both getting thirsty and hungry at this point and we’ve barely begun our journey.

By the time we make it to Nizhnoye, still north of Solnichniy, all hell has broken lose. We have found guns, ammo, food and an empty water bottle that can be refilled if we find a water source. We also find a lot of zombies. But the zombies find Michael first and now he is drifting in and out of consciousness, can barely see anything and he is bleeding dry, quickly. He patches himself up with one of our two bandages. I know we have to make it north-west to the city of Berezino – and to the hospital.

We’re in Berezino. It’s about as far to Nizhnoye from Solnichniy as it is to Berezino from Nizhnoye, but it takes us almost twice as long because Michael keeps falling over, unconscious. We finally find the hospital, but no supplies. We make our way around the building into the alley behind it. We find a ladder leading to the roof of the hospital. Michael announces that he’ll climb up first because he won’t be able to defend himself if a zombie attacks him on the ground while I am climbing. He makes it about a meter up the ladder before he goes unconscious again and falls to the ground. We finally have a bit of fun. It looks ridiculous when he falls off because of Arma 2’s terrible engine. Though, now he’s also stuck in the wall and can’t get up off the ground. At this point we start to panic a bit. If he can’t get out of there we have to start all over again. We have been relatively lucky so far. Having not run into other survivors. No matter what people say about zombies, people say much worse things about other people.

I finally make it up the ladder and onto the roof. I look through the empty boxes I find there until I find one that isn’t so empty. I find morphine and a single blood pack, just what I was looking for. Before I go back down the ladder I look out over the destroyed city of Berezino. Smashed cars and windows, dead military men … and a supermarket. A goddamn supermarket. A scavange- uhm, I mean a survivors heaven.

After giving Michael a blood transfusion, making him as good as new, we carefully crawl through the allies towards the supermarket, crossing a wide, open street to get there. Inside we find more weapons than we can carry, food, soda, water bottles, ammo, bigger bags, a watch, a map and a whole bunch of other very useful things. We are pretty much set to get to our next target: Blunt Rocks. A foresty park area with two small lakes where we think we can find a car.

Besides the bit where we go into a barn and I almost die and we have to make it back to the hospital with me almost blind and passing out, but still the only one to know which way to go, the trek to Blunt Rocks is very uneventful. We pass mostly through open fields or forest with little to no interaction with any zombies. Getting there and finding nothing is a great disappointment as well. By this point we haven’t figured out that you most likely can’t find functioning cars around. Instead you have to repair them with supplies you find in the world. Leaving Blunt Rocks behind we head west by north-west to a small airstrip. We’re very excited by this point because we know that airstrips have military grade loot.

Again, the trek to the airstrip is about as uneventful as the one we made to Blunt Rocks. We finally get there, though. We see a building that we assume is something like an air control tower that directs air traffic along with two sheds and two hangars. The mood is at an all-time high as we come across an AK-something-or-other and a lot of ammo for the Lee Enfield I’m carrying. There’s ammo and other supplies for the both of us and the good mood carries on until we realise that we’ve been playing for hours. This is the end of day one.

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