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Myths About Gamers: Debunked

July 12, 2012

Maybe you’ve stumbled upon this blog by accident, and maybe you have assumptions about us all just from looking at our mascot. Allow me to take it upon myself to clear up a few common misconceptions about our arcane race; that of the ‘gamer’.

Some say that we burn when exposed to mild sunlight, or an overabundance of female flesh.

Some say that we rummage through wastebins in the search for Intellect gear.

Some say that we have no genitalia.

My friend, let me convince you otherwise…

All Gamers Are Virgins

You may be thinking of something like this:

I see it like this:

All Gamers Are Guys

Completely untrue. I know plenty of female gamers, and they’re pretty damn proud of it, too. How about some more generalisations? All people who like cooking are female. All sportsmen are dumb. Everyone who reads Fifty Shades Of Grey is a closet sex pest (I know I’m not, haha, I mean honestly now, oh hell who am I kidding).

All Gamers Are Trained Assassins

Oh, how the media jumped on this one during the Anders Breivik trial. Here’s a secret. Listen very closely, because it’ll reveal a lot about the nature of humanity.

If you find a man with a desire to kill, and give him a weapon, he’s going to hurt somebody. No amount of Call of Duty sessions will change that fact, or did you think that quickscoping happens in real life?

All Gamers Are Violent

As opposed to the legions of people willing to kill in the name of religion, jingoism or pure hatred?



It’s a pity that not enough coverage is given to the indie game movement. A movie has been released that documents the creative process needed to make a game (Indie Game: The Movie, which I have yet to see, but I will). In the same vein, the Humble Indie Bundle works on the idea of allowing gamers to pay as much as they like for indie games. The latest push netted over $5 million. Some notable game developers also paid large sums of money, too.

Spot The Notch

There are plenty of examples of how the gaming industry is a far cry from the media perception of a bunch of faceless goons churning out beat-’em-up after beat-’em-up. Does anyone remember the time the gaming industry banded together to help a team in need?

All Gamers Are Antisocial

Gamers associate with each other very well through gaming culture. I met many close friend  through the medium, just like some people know others through sport, a hobby or their job.

However, I am not antisocial. I just hate everyone equally, and that has nothing to do with me currently playing Dark Souls.

All Gamers Are Wimps

Try playing Dark Souls.

All Gamers Are 13 Years Old (Mentally and/or Physically)

Ever considered the fact that games can be educational, also? Don’t tell the Daily Mail that. They’ll think pornography has infiltrated the games industry, or something.

On a serious note, 13 years old is a pure fabrication of the truth, stretched far beyond the facts. My mind hasn’t even reached double digits, yet.

All Gamers Are Wasting Their Time

Ah, as opposed to the people who enlighten their lives by watching television. All. The. Time.

Oh wait, is that normal, now? Well, it feels like only a few decades ago when we were paranoid about television, as well as rap music, and cassettes, and CDs. OH WAIT IT WAS.

For the record, it’s impossible to waste time you’ve spent enjoying yourself.

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