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Ten Achievements Jason Schreier Would Like To See In Final Fantasy VII

July 9, 2012

This is an article from Kotaku. So, so true. Do you have any additions? Comment or die!


Why Would You Even Bother? She’s Gonna Die In Like An Hour Anyway

Get Aeris’s ultimate Limit Break.

Animal Cruelty

Attack and capture harmless chocobos in the wild. Imprison them in a cramped stable. Force them to breed with one another. Throw out the ones that don’t turn black or gold. Use them to make yourself more powerful. Whip them into shape on the race track.

Stop Trying To Break Our Game

Equip one character with the following materia: Mime, MP Absorb-Master Summon, Final Attack-Phoenix, MP Turbo-Knights of the Round, Slash All, Mega All, HP Plus. Equip your other two characters with Mime. Enter combat. Press the A button once.

Nostalgia Overload

Realize that Final Fantasy VII isn’t as good as it was when you were 12. Deny this to the grave.

Get A Lifestream

Level all of your characters to 99. Master all Materia. Kill Emerald and Ruby Weapons. Brag about these accomplishments to all of your friends. Lose all of your friends.

Physics? What Are Physics?

Use Tifa in combat.

Hey Foo

Go on a date to watch fireworks with Barret. Have a lovely time. Give him your number. Wait a day. Wonder why he hasn’t called yet. Wait another day. Stare at his Facebook. Hit refresh. Wait a third day. Cry. Eat Haagen-Daaz. De-friend him on Facebook.

You’re A Douche

Re-name Aeris to Aerith.

You Got Got

Spend over 50 hours traveling the world of Final Fantasy VII in search for the fifth Huge Materia which you can then use to unlock a secret color of chocobo that will allow you to travel into Sephiroth’s cocoon and find a key that opens the door to Sector 3 in Midgar, where you can revive Aeris for real guys seriously you read it on an AOL message board!

Square Enix

Convince a shopkeeper to pay you five times for the same item.


Original Source: Kotaku: Ten Achievements I’d Like To See In The Final Fantasy VII Re-Release

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