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Five Badass Boss Battles

June 18, 2012

It’s that time. You have fought through countless waves of enemies, solved the most devilish of puzzles and bounded over the greatest gaps. Now it’s boss time. You will go toe-to-toe with a tougher, more aggressive enemy, one who outclasses you in every aspect. It’s that time to sit down and prepare for a battle you won’t forget in a hurry.

Here are five boss battles which are supremely badass. Note that they are necessarily my top five boss battles because I don’t think I could ever put any of these over the other and there are a lot of pulse-pounding boss fights I won’t have included.

1. Colossus Number 5 (Avion) (Shadow of the Colossus)

Right, so that’s four down, only 8 more to go. I’ve got the hang of climbing up these colossi and stabbing them in the shiny bits. Come on, I’m ready for anything else you can throw at me…

Okay, where’s the Colossus… oh wait, it’s up there… flying… how the hell am I going to do this?

Just when you think Shadow of the Colossus couldn’t throw anything else at you and that you learnt all there is to climbing up gigantic beasts, you now have to brave the skies and hold on for dear life as Avion – the fifth colossi – flaps its enormous wings and rolls around in the air trying to dislodge you. It’s a true spectacle and one that lasts in your mind as one of the best fights in a game that embodies epic boss battles.

2. Darth Vader (Force Unleashed)

So you fought your way through the Death Star, cutting down all stormtroopers and crushing AT-STs (chicken walkers) as you, Starkiller (Darth Vader’s former secret apprentice), fight to redeem yourself from the dark side. Your mission: to save the rebel leaders, including Bail Organa and Jedi General Ram Kota, and to save the rebellion you started before the Emperor destroys it completely. The only thing standing between you and saving your new comrades is the villainous Darth Vader, the Sith lord who trained you to be the ultimate Sith warrior. Now you must do battle with your former master in the name of the Rebellion and prove that you are now a Jedi. It’s the background, the slow lead-up and the stakes at risk that make this battle truly one of the most epic fights in a Star Wars game.

Starkiller proclaims his independence from Vader, no longer his slave to do the Sith Lord’s bidding. The fight that follows has a great gravitas about it. You finally overcome Vader and prove yourself the better warrior. Leaving Vader battered and broken at your feet. You are then given a choice, attack the Emperor in an effort to save the rebellion or selfishly destroy Vader for your revenge.

(I’m sorry but I can’t find any videos to put up with this, as most of the videos on YouTube have some idiot blabbering over them and are of genuinely poor quality.)

3. Reaper Destroyer (Mass Effect 3)

Never before has a enemy been mentioned with such awe, terror and hushed fear. The Reapers are truly the undefeatable foe. Giant sentient synthetic warships that return every 50,000 years to rid the galaxy of all other forms of organic sentient life. Reapers are the ultimate enemy, unflinching, unrelenting and unforgiving; they would never stop hunting you. But Commander Shepard doesn’t run, so when being chased by a Reaper Destroyer down on the surface of Rannoch, our hero jumps out of his transport and goes toe to toe with the Reaper, dodging the Reapers main gun which can tear through the most powerful ships in the galaxy, all the while trying to guide in an aerial bombardment from the fleets above the planet.

This fight is the result of waiting in anticipation – frightful anticipation – for two whole games. Finally, Shepard comes to a one-on-one fight with a genuine, full-sized Reaper. This is truly an epic battle between the unstoppable force and an immovable object.

4. Captain Qwark (Ratchet and Clank, PS2)

Captain Qwark is the lovable buffoon of the Ratchet and Clank series. A caricature of a real superhero, wonderfully idiotic but ultimately good at heart, he is one of the best characters in the Ratchet and Clank universe. However, in the first game he was a devilish manipulator, hell bent on helping the bad guys to get good endorsement deals for himself. Ratchet and Clank foiled his attempts to stop them the first time, but it wasn’t over. Determined to stop Ratchet and Clank from ruining his potential endorsements, Captain Qwark goes against our heros in one of the most rememberable space battles in the series. And just listen to that laugh .It’s diabolically evil. It’s nice to see how far Captain Qwark has gone these days.

5. Precursor Robot (Jak and Daxter: The Precursor Legacy)

After rescuing Samos and the three other sages from Gol And Maia’s citadel, Jak and Daxter must head up the giant elevator to stop Gol and Maia opening the Dark Ego silos with a giant Precursor robot and flooding the world with the destructive ego thus ending all life caught in its path.

Jak and Daxter have come a long way from Sandover Village and you are fully able to use the ego you are given to fight back against Gol and Maia, using yellow ego to blast fire-balls at the titanic robots weapons and using blue ego to launch yourself high above the silo as the robot launches a bomb trying to crack open the seal. It gives you a great view of the land around you and also allows you a good look at the sweet explosion below.

When I first played this, I was aged 11 and found the whole ordeal insurmountable, so beating Gol and Maia gave me a great sense of achievement and overcoming the odds. That’s why I think it’s a great boss battle. Both you and Jak have come around together, gone over many hurdles and though many trials. That giant precursor robot is the last hurdle and shows how far the heroes have come with you.

Like we all know, heroes overcome such final hurdles with a last minute power-up of awesomeness, and Jak doesnt break the trend there. Just as the battle starts to go against Jak, the dark ego silo slowly opening from the onslaught of Gol and Maia, a simmering ball of Light Ego manifests above Jak. Jak absorbs one and is transformed into a shiny version of himself before blasting the robot part completely and sealing Gol and Maia in the dark ego silo forever.

I do wonder, however, how many players made the same mistake as I did when the hovering mass of Light Ego appeared, fruitlessly jumping straight up trying to reach it and falling straight down in the opening Dark Ego silo…

But all ends well for the duo, and what better way to celebrate their victory than with a cheesy white guy synchronized dance?

Image Link: Sonic Wikia


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