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Huttstuff Will Be At Eurogamer Expo 2012. What Should We Cover?

June 8, 2012


So our press pass arrived in our email inbox this morning. It’s official. Huttstuff will be covering footage, releases and awesome cosplay outfits at the Eurogamer Expo 2012 on the 27th and 28th of September.

I’m beyond excited. This is (perhaps surprisingly) my very first gaming expo. I may have done a little squee when I checked my inbox this morning.

Announcements will be made soon, and when they do, we’ll be taking requests for things to cover. Let us know what interests you, and we’ll be sure to report back with as much detail as possible. It’s more than likely we’ll be seeing some more cameos from E3’s main players, given the reception at last year’s Eurogamer Expo.

We’ll work on securing interviews as soon as we hear about who will be attending.

Original Source: Eurogamer Expo


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