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Star Wars 1313: The Analysis

June 2, 2012

Time for some more speculating. I wouldn’t say I was completely shocked about a new Star Wars game, and I have to confess at first I wasn’t even excited, but I’ve read more about it and now I can’t wait for a large reveal at this year’s E3 next week.

First, let’s have a look at the information we have been offered.

“Players will take control of a lethal bounty hunter in the never-before-explored expanses of Level 1313, deep below the surface of Coruscant.”

Well, that sounds very interesting. No more playing as Jedi or Sith. It’s refreshing to move away from Force users because they are over-used as playable characters and they tend to muddy the continuity, and as it seems this will take place during the reign of the Empire so the more they stay away from continuity the happier I am.

Secondly, we get to play as a bounty hunter who uses an arsenal of exotic weaponry to hunt down marks’.  Does this mean there will some range of customization or will it a predetermined set of weapons? This is getting very interesting indeed. The Force could be strong in this one.

On the Star Wars website:

“. . . epic set pieces and fast-paced combat with a mortal, well-equipped hero who cannot rely on supernatural powers to survive his dangerous environment. The game benefits from an integrated development approach that brings together artists from across the entire Lucasfilm organization, including LucasArts, Industrial Light & Magic, Lucasfilm Animation Ltd. and Skywalker Sound.”

So at least the production values will be high. The only piece of that quote I don’t like is the use of one particular word: hero. If we are playing as a bounty hunter, shouldn’t we be morally gray?

As the resident Star Wars nut of HuttStuff (which has a hutt as its mascot!) I think we could all understand that I’ll lay out a few points that I think will really improve this day. Lock your X-folds in attack position and let’s get down to it!

Criminals Should Be Criminals briefly explains the following:

. . . the player must also uncover the truth surrounding a criminal conspiracy in this third-person cinematic action adventure game. It’s a bold new take on the Star Wars galaxy.’

Okay, lets get this right. Criminal conspiracy, CRIMINAL! Please, please, please, don’t involve famous villains like Darth Vader and the Emperor, because they have their own business to take care of. They can’t spend all their time oppressing the galaxy as well as orchestrating a massive criminal conspiracy. Besides, there shouldn’t be more Jedi running around in that part of time because most of them would have been killed by Order 66,anyway. Even then, they definitely wouldn’t be hiding out in Coruscant, the then-centre of the de-facto Sith Empire.

There is one massive criminal cartel in the Star Wars galaxy at this time. This is the Hutt Cartel. A massive conspiracy would likely involve these giant slugs in the story. If they aren’t actually behind the conspiracy, perhaps you will be hired by them to investigate what is cutting into their profits.

In summary, these:

Artwork by Chris Trevas

Not these:

Why Be Good?

We already know our protagonist is a bounty hunter. He happens to involve himself in the deepest, seediest areas in Coruscant. Why the hell would be be a good guy? He earns money by killing people. Don’t make him change. Just give him a better reason to uncover the conspiracy, not just because you need him to turn into a good guy.

Where’s The Rank And File?

If you are going to involve the Empire, just involve low down stormtroopers or officers. I would rather see the gears of the Empire’s workings for once. Maybe a breakaway pact of Imperial officers are using this criminal conspiracy to remove Rebel sympathizers and oppress the criminal element that is hampering its cause.

And no fighting wave after wave of stormtroopers, let’s branch out and have multiple factions involved now.  Slavers, black-market dealers, smugglers. Star Wars 1313 is advertising itself as more mature, so branch out and give us more than the usual ‘bad guys, doing bad things’.

Wish You Were Here

Give us nice varied vistas. Okay, it looks like we are staying on Coruscant, but it’s a big place. Targets could be high up in the tallest penthouses. Down in the lowest bars and brothels (remember, mature audience). In the busy streets. Show us the landmarks from the outside. Maybe you could see the burnt out Jedi Temple.

But don’t forget to give us the grit and grunge. Level 1313 should be a dark, horrible place where we can see how the struggles of the common people produce the criminal underworld that infests the galaxy.

Change Doesn’t Happen Overnight

Expand the transition between Republic and Empire. This is a period of change that hasn’t been shown to a greater extent. Show how the streets of Coruscant are affected as the Empire’s control spreads. Use our ‘hero’ as a window into showing how normal people’s lives changed as the Empire began.

DIY Assassination

Multiple routes. When our ‘hero’ is given a target, let us figure out a route, collect information and take them down in a way that feels unique so the game will have greater replayability.  Each strategy should have advantages and disadvantages.

This could also apply for weapons. Will LucasArts let us build our own armoury of weapons, again with their own advantages and disadvantages?

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Image link: STAR WARS: THE ESSENTIAL ATLAS – Mapping Hutt Space


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