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Bringing Back The Silliness

May 26, 2012


Think back, please, to a time when you had Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas. Now think carefully for me, would you describe it as a serious game or a silly game?

I hope most of you would pick silly, because really the joy of that game was the bat-shit crazy physics, flying jetpacks, brilliantly bizarre and interesting characters. I used to just go up to the giant mountain and peddle down on BMX’s and enjoy the retarded physics and throw C.J off, slamming him into the ground and doing it all again, maybe grabbing a car and a hostage for the next time. Wiling away the hours going on rampages in my tripped-out ride. It was just fun, simple, silly, childish mayhem.

Now think of GTA4 please. Would you say it is as silly as GTA: SA. I would personally say not. Don’t get me wrong, it was a great game and a lot of fun to play with the new realistic physics and cover system, and the ability to interact with characters more outside missions and get wasted was a great plus. However, I still remember thinking that after I finished the main story, there was nothing keeping me in GTA4: no side missions, no joy in playing with crazy physics. It ended up getting dull.

I know GTA4 is amazing as a push towards a real breathing city, but I still expected a cheeky, silly side. I was disappointed. And don’t tell me that swing that propelled you around was silly, that was a glitch.

Saint’s Row: The Third thankfully must have seen this gap in the market and was determined to fill it, but not only fill it but break down the barriers and flood us in a torrent of lunacy.

Let me fill you on my most recent outing in Saint’s Row (having only played 9 hours, but having barely scratched the surface).

The last mission I played, my character was sold as a sex slave to a rival gang so I could infiltrate their stronghold. You start the mission drugged, naked and without your weapons. Your friend is a fetish pimp who talks using a golden staff synthesizer. My character ends up giggling all the way through the entire mission, the obvious effects of the drugs just sweeten what is some of the over-the-top run and gun third-person shooting I have played in a while (SR:TT doesn’t have a cover system).

Saint’s Row allows you take part in many activities outside of the missions. These can range from escorting a tiger around in a sports car, racing around in a burning quad setting off explosions left and right, taking control of tanks or helicopters and just going on a rampage, taking part in an arena based maze where you have to shoot mascots in the face and much more. Everything in Saint’s Row demands you act like a moron. It gives you passive goals to gain money, these include punching 50 civilians in the nuts, blowing up 300 cars, streaking around for 600 seconds. It’s just simple pleasing fun getting into massive firefights with the law and rival gangs, and even when the tanks and helicopters turn up you can take them down. Saint’s Row doesn’t want to punish you for going balls to the wall crazy, it actually incentifies it!

If, like me, you were slightly disappointed in the direction of GTA4 you can pick up Saint’s Row: The Third for cheap on Amazon. Honestly, only a madman would be disappointed by this game!

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  1. Matt Hodder permalink
    May 26, 2012 10:56 pm

    Love it,

    I really enjoyed GTA4. But i got the feeling they were trying too hard for realism and let the fun quirky bits of San Andreas fall by the wayside.

    As for SR:TT, played it through twice and am still having endless fun doing the most ridiculous things with the most ridiculous weapons imaginable (Apocafists)

    • May 27, 2012 9:19 am

      Yeah I know what you mean. I havent managed to get to the end of SR:TT yet, Max Payne 3 sort of came along and has absorbed alot of my gaming this week. I don’t know what the Apocafists are, but I can imagine they are something like over the top boxing gloves??
      My most ridiculous weapons on SR:TT as of this moment are dual-wielded pistols that shoot explosive rounds, so you can juggle people with gunfire. Its epic.
      The rudest and most unsightly weapon I have atm in SR:TT is the penetrator haha.
      I experimented with the cheats and they are actually fun, unlike GTA4’s and they are way easier to put in.

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