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DISCOVERY! Pandaren Dragon Turtle Mount

May 23, 2012

Today, Blizzard has revealed the mount of choice for the Pandaren people of upcoming expansion Mists of Pandaria: The Dragon Turtle. Yes. You read that correctly. The Dragon Turtle.

Sturdy, patient and strong, the half-dragon, half-turtle mount embodies the virtues of the Pandaren people. Its relaxed attitude is ideal for long travels, and upon its back fit both cushions, footstools, maps, brews and whatever delicious food the Pandaren owner is sure to have conjured up in one way or the other (they have +15 in cooking as a racial trait after all).

As Blizzard puts it: “The Dragon Turtle’s slow, even stride will gently ease passengers into new parts of the world and/or a relaxing nap time. Disclaimer: Do not operate while napping.”

Original Source: Blizzard Entertainment: Pandaren Mount Revealed: Dragon Turtle

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