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Joys of Creation: Minecraft Videos

May 20, 2012

Ben Rogers talks about how building stuff can be hilarious and enlightening.

I’m not afraid to say that I’m not the kind of person who got on board with the Minecraft fad. I call it a fad because that’s what I thought it would be at first. I truly thought that it would collapse on itself, all the potential lost under the sheer amount of time and attention needed to build, and the wealth of tools and possibilities would totally boggle most players. However, after watching some amazing Youtube videos done by ‘Nerd3’ (that’s ‘Nerd Cubed’, geddit? Geddit? Okay then) or officially known as OfficalNerdCubed, my opinion on Minecraft has changed.

Nerd3, on request from his subscribers, has built some truly jaw dropping stuff. This includes a floating turtle (tortoise, he can’t even decide) with a massive swimming pool inside with a maze like city on its back. The narrow streets remind me of something from medieval Italy (not that I was there).

It really showed me what Minecraft offers to the world. It’s a pure joy that comes from creation: big or small. It’s fantastic. I’m going to do a shout-out or ‘word-out’ now for Nerd3. Go to Youtube and subscribe to his channel now! Go! Here is the link! Nerd3 has other brilliant videos, so check them all out as well.

(Latest video starts with a Quidditch pitch. Just saying.)

Okay, you’re back, well done … you’re surprisingly easy to manipulate.

Back to what I was saying. After watching Nerd3’s videos you can see what the time and dedication to Minecraft can do, and he does it all with a wonderful bizarre air that makes up to 15 minute long videos of someone simply building on Minecraft an easy, addictive and joyful activity.

He has proven it’s not impossible and since most players will be pleased with their creations and widen their skills, your creations can only get better and bystanders like me can reap the rewards.

I wish I could go on Minecraft and create for myself, but I’m not a man of patience or foresight. I do probably do blocks, but thanks to Nerd3 I now fully understand what Minecraft has to offer to even the casual gamer, the simple joys of creation.

Image Link: OfficialNerdCubed on YouTube

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