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Record Playthrough of Diablo III

May 16, 2012

The player Yoshichan has finished Diablo III on Normal mode in record time, according to these statistics uploaded on the forum NeoGAF.

With a time of 12 hours and 29 minutes, he can officially claim to have done the fastest playthrough of Diablo III so far by a single player, ending with a level 32 Barbarian owning with “lots and lots of mobility and defensive skills – 415 dps unbuffed, ~700 dps buffed.” He has now moved on to Nightmare mode with the following words: “All right guys, wish me all good luck in nightmare! Going for it asap. It’s actually starting to get warm in the bunker now that I think about it.”

Are you still slashing, casting and shooting your way through Diablo III Normal mode? Don’t worry. We are too.

Good luck to Yoshichan!

Original Source: Eurogamer: Someone has finished Diablo 3 already

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