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The Elder Scrolls Online First Screenshot Revealed

May 5, 2012

Yesterday, the first teaser trailer for upcoming new MMO, The Elder Scrolls Online, was uploaded, and already today we get the first glimpse of actual in-game action as we lay eyes upon the first screenshot revealed! As seen on, the screenshot portrays two players in combat against a Storm Atronach, the strongest of its daedra species. The daedra are divine creatures coming from magical dimensions, and thus the Storm Atronach is immune to nothing less than all normal weapons and shock attacks, and furthermore enjoys resistance to poisons and the ability to reflect spells back at the caster. Something seems to say that facing this stony giant is not going to be for the faint of heart.

Featured in the background of the screenshot towers an ancient daedric ruin, one of many that players will encounter throughout the game along with various dwarven ruins, old nordic tombs, dwemer buildings and more yet to be revealed, possibly including already familiar sites for players of The Elder Scrolls.

As always, we will bring you up to date on an every-day basis on this greatly anticipated MMO, so make sure to subscribe and tune in on our site regularly for the latest news!

Original Source: Gameinformer: First Screen And Details On Elders Scrolls Online

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